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Twin Cities Heating Service

Twin Cities Heating Service

A Company You Can Trust

If you’re not out enjoying winter sports, you need a cozy warm home o retreat to. We’re your best choice for Twin Cities heating service, including repair, tune-ups and new equipment installation. Service Today is the “Comfort Squad” that has a singular focus: Reliable, efficient heating systems that meet our customer’s comfort and budgetary needs.

Twin Cities Heating Repair Done Right

There is one thing you should know about our company: We do right by our customers. Too many Twin Cities homeowners fork out the money for a new furnace when the old one was just fine. Why? Bad advice from a contractor. When you call Service Today for any type of heating repair, we’re accurate at diagnosing what’s really going on. We protect your time and money by fixing what really needs fixing, and by doing the work right, the first time. Any make and model of equipment is okay with our experienced technicians. Call us today for Twin Cities heating repair done right!

The Right System For YOU

The most important aspect of home comfort is the initial design and installation. HVAC systems are not cookie-cutter appliances. A new system must be designed around the unique characteristics of your home, comfort, efficiency goals and budget. Plus, factory specifications must be met in precise detail, or equipment will not function reliably and efficiently. Service Today installs equipment the right way. We help you invest your money in the ideal solution for your specific needs. Call us today for a free in-home estimate!

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Quality Equipment

Quality Equipment

If you need a system for new construction, or replacement equipment for an existing system, we not only do the installation right, but we provide equipment from industry leading manufacturers. Our commitment to our customers means we only use tried-and-true manufacturers that meet our high demand for quality. We sleep well at night as a company because we know that we’ve done right by our customers. Call us today for Twin Cities heating service that is simply unmatched in quality! You can also schedule an estimate online to get the right advice for your home comfort needs.

Whole House Humidifier

Whole House Humidifier

Basic science tells us that the colder the air is, the less moisture it can hold. So take our dry winter air, send it through a furnace where it loses even more moisture, and you end up with a home super charged with static electricity. Dry air also makes for uncomfortable eyes and skin, affects instruments and woodwork, and makes your home feel cold even when the temp is set correctly. The answer? A whole house humidifier. Implement a whole house humidifier into your home, and you’ll experience increased comfort with lower utility bills, because the right humidity means you’ll run your heating system less. We offer powered, bypass and steam humidification systems. Call us to learn more.

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Twin Cities Heating Service

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