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Top 10 Air Conditioners Bloomington

Top 10 Air Conditioners Bloomington

Why Are There So Many Top 10 Lists?

It seems that the more you investigate the top air conditioners that are being manufactured, the more you realize that there isn’t a right answer. Why is this?  Well, the answer is quite simple when you take a step back.  Top 10 lists are used primarily to promote products, and most of those lists have been put out by a specific company with a specific agenda.  This means that the majority of lists you are looking into are completely biased.  And biases equate to inaccurate and flawed information.  It is not the kind of information you want to arm yourself with, when purchasing a new air conditioner unit for you Bloomington home in any case.

After realizing this fact is it even possible to get a good answer?  Which brand is the best?  We hear this so often, so we have decided to create a place where people can find this information out.  And yes, even though we are a company, the whole point is to provide you with unbiased information, so you can make an informed decision when you do decide to purchase that new air conditioner for you Bloomington home you have been meaning to do for years now.  When you know that lists are bias, it makes searching for Top 10 Air Conditioners Bloomington all the more ludicrous, because you know you are not going to get accurate information.




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Top 10 Air Conditioners Bloomington

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What Should I Look For in An AC? - Bloomington

What Should I Look For in An AC?

We are going to tell you right now, that you need not concern yourself with brand.  This might be hard to wrap your head around initially, but there are very good reasons for this philosophy, and we are happy to share them with you.  The real truth is this: virtually every air conditioner manufacturer is supplied parts from the same two or three companies.  This means that the units themselves, even though they may have a different brand label sticking on the side of them, are actually quite comparable to one another in terms of quality.

Yes, there is a difference in energy efficiency, and in how quiet the system is, and in how big the unit is, and those are important things to consider too, but what is the absolute most important thing you need to consider when purchasing a new system?  It’s not brand, we can tell you that much right now.  What is actually important is the written guarantees and warranties both the manufacture and the contractor installing your air conditioner are providing you with..  These are the things that are going to guarantee system longevity and an overall happiness in the product you have purchased.  And without these things, you are going to be left with a system that is susceptible to breakdowns, and without a company to rely upon when problems do arise (and believe us, they will occur at some point).  After understanding this, you probably are not going to be inclined to search for Top 10 Air Conditioners Bloomington any more.

What Are Some Good Guarantees & Warranties? - Bloomington

What Are Some Good Guarantees & Warranties?

The big thing you need to look out for is the fine print.  Way too many companies utilize this tactic to ensure that they do not need to cover certain aspect of your unit, or to ensure that they only need to cover your unit for so many years, and so on.  Always be conscientious of the fine print. Read the fine print!  This will ensure you are making the wisest decision possible.  We know you want the best for your Bloomington home, and that is why we try to offr what you really need out of an HVAC company.

That being said, at Service Today Heating & Cooling, we do not use fine print at all. We try to be as transparent as possible. We do these things, because we know that our customers greatly appreciate it.  We also do this, so that the written guarantees and warranties we do offer are plain as day.  We lay them out for you, so you can understand what you are really receiving when purchasing an air conditioner from us.  We offer some of the best guarantees and warranties in the industry.  They are as follows:

– 10 year parts and labor

– 1 year test drive of the unit

– 100% satisfaction Guarantee

– 100% money back Guarantee

– 25% utility savings Guarantee

– Installation date Guarantee

– No lemons Guarantee

– Comfort Guarantee

These are the types of things that reputable companies will offer. And we offer them all! You will be surprised at how confident we are in our product.  If  are willing to provide all of these reassurances, then you know you are going to get a good system.  It is when companies do not provide these types of things, that you know there is a problem.

So, If you have any questions, are interested in getting an estimate on a new system, are still inclined to search for Top 10 Air Conditioners Bloomington, or simply want to say hello, please give our office staff a call day or night.  We are happy to assist you!  Our Comfort Squad is here to assist you.

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Top 10 Air Conditioners Bloomington

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