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Complimentary Air Conditioning Tune-Up/Inspection

Complimentary Electrical Inspection

50% off Shape Plan Maintenance Membership.

Limited time offer: Only $14.99/mo. original price $29.99/mo.

Shape Membership Includes:

*For each additional A/C system in the home it is $5 per month and includes two A/C Rejuvenations per year.

*Buy two years upfront and receive one year of complimentary maintenance.

A one time investment of $720, saving you $360!

Electrical Safety Inspection

Air Conditioner Tune Up

$79 (retail value $149)
Service Today! Thoroughly checks all recommended points of maintenance, with our 15-Point Inspection:
  1. Check condenser for cleanliness
  2. Check evaporator coil for cleanliness
  3. Check capacitors
  4. Check contactor points
  5. Check electrical cabinet
  6. Seal and fit of caps and valves
  7. Check thermostat
  8. Check blower for proper rotation
  9. Inspect blower wheel for cleanliness
  10. Check electrical connections and wires for integrity
  11. Change filter
  12. Check temperature splits
  13. Check air grills and exteriory
  14. Check dryer vent cleanliness
  15. Check General performance
*Roll the price of an Inspection into a 25-Point AC Rejuvenation upgrade, today only, or become a Shape Plan member!
(see details below)

Air Conditioner Rejuvenation

Rejuvenation – $179 (retail value $399)
Service Today! Thoroughly checks all recommended points of maintenance, with our 25-Point Rejuvenation:
  1. Check refrigerant levels
  2. Check subcooling
  3. Check super heat
  4. Check capacitors
  5. Check contactor points
  6. Check electrical cabinet
  7. Check seal of caps and valves
  8. Check fit of caps and valves
  9. Check electrical connections for integrity
  10. Check electrical wires for integrity
  11. Check thermostat
  12. Check blower for proper rotation
  13. Check temperature splits
  14. Check air grills and exterior
  15. Check float switch operation
  16. Check lubrication of moving parts
  17. Check general performance
  18. Change filter (client provided)
  19. Clean dryer vent
  20. Clean blower wheel
  21. Vacuum and flush drainline
  22. Standard condenser coil cleaning (without acid or disassembly)
  23. Clean evaporator coil (in place w/ access)
  24. Wipe down all equipment
  25. Vacuum
Why Does My A/C Need Service?

On a scale of 1-10, regular maintenance is a 10! It directly relates to your comfort. Air-conditioning systems in the Sunshine State run for most of the year and longer each day than units in most other states. Plus, Florida has higher humidity than nearly anywhere else, which can cause black mold. These factors make it crucial to perform air conditioner inspection/rejuvenation consistently.

It is key to check the system often to spot any small issues before they turn into an expensive repair or failed unit leaving you hot and sticky.

Regular service ensures your system is running efficiently. The more efficiently your system functions, the cooler you will feel and the more money you will save on your energy costs.

How Often Does My A/C need Service?
Experts advise to service your air conditioner twice a year, to make sure it is ready for the highest temperatures of the season. It is especially important if you run it year-round, if it’s been off for several weeks, or if you transition to heat.
Without Regular
Service on your air conditioner:

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