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Water Softener Services in Shakopee, MN

Service Today is familiar with the issues that hard water can cause. Minerals such as calcium and magnesium can accumulate on dishes and clothes, and inside pipes, eventually causing slow drains or a complete blockage. Having water softeners installed by our trained technicians can avoid these problems. Since 2005, we have been installing and repairing water softening systems for residential clients across the Shakopee area. Our team can fix any problem. They can even provide maintenance to keep your water softener connectors tight and make any necessary adjustments.

Water Softener System Installation in Shakopee, MN

While a water softener can be expensive, the cost of fixing hard water damage can be avoided. There are many types on the market but Service Today’s experienced technicians can help find the best one for your home or business. Our team can make the investment worthwhile for you. We specialize in automatic softeners that run at a pre-set time daily. But if your requirements for softened water change every day, a demand initiated regeneration system can be installed. It will respond whenever you need softened water. Contact us for a quote on your water softener installation cost.

Water Softener Replacement in Shakopee, MN

Service Today can fix your water softener. But sometimes replacing it is more cost-effective. There may be newer options you can benefit from. And, if your older system needs frequent repairs, those costs are going to add up significantly. Whether you need a completely new system or water softener head replacement, we work quickly so your plumbing won’t go unprotected. Our technicians leave your home neat when we’re done. Our first priority is to make sure the customer is happy, and we stay on the job until that goal is achieved.

Water Softener Maintenance in Shakopee, MN

You can count on Service Today when you need important maintenance jobs such as water softener injector cleaning or tips on how to maintain a water softener yourself. Regular maintenance can reduce the need for major repairs. Oftentimes, all it takes is a filter change to keep your water softener running normally. Our technicians can do that fast and also test the system. Professional experience enables our team to work quickly and provide an accurate estimate every time, making us one of the leading water softener maintenance companies in the Twin Cities region.

Water Softener Repair in Shakopee, MN

There are times when your water softener may need repairs. A malfunctioning unit can leave your plumbing vulnerable to blockages and potential corrosion. If your water softener wasn’t properly installed, excess salt in the water can be damaging. Service Today can correct all these issues. Our team can take on jobs big and small, and get it right the first time. Equipped with common water softener repair parts, our crews can complete a repair in one visit, saving you a great deal of time. They’re also trained in the latest repair methods.

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