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Drain and Sewer Repair, Installation, and Maintenance in Shakopee, MN

Drainage and sewer systems are in constant demand. When they stop working, the consequences are obvious and often expensive to fix. Service Today provides residential drainage/sewer services with satisfaction being 100% guaranteed. Since 2005, we have been addressing the drain and sewer needs of customers in the Shakopee, MN, area and throughout the Twin Cities region. Our objective is to fix your plumbing right the first time and complete all work quickly, so there’s minimal disruption. We also include a one-year warranty on installation work and parts.

Drain and Sewer Installation in Shakopee, MN

Licensed, bonded, and insured to complete any type of installation, our technicians can handle the most complex of tasks. They start by mapping out your drains and sewer lines. Every task is carried out to minimize the risk of future problems. If wastewater flow needs to be improved, Service Today can install drain traps. Our customers also rely on us to install/replace drain lines, sump pumps, and grease traps. Non-invasive pipe relining techniques, professional drain cleaning, and video pipe inspection help improve efficiency and convenience.

Drain and Sewer Maintenance in Shakopee, MN

Routine drain and sewer line service should be on your schedule. Clogs and leaks can occur at any time and will only get worse if neglected. Fortunately, Service Today offers affordable drain and sewer cleaning services in Shakopee that can resolve any drainage problems before a major malfunction occurs. Our services include video camera inspection. Inserting a camera into your plumbing lines lets us spot and immediately fix any developing issues. We also offer water jetting as a fast way to clear clogged drains and perform preventative maintenance. Regularly scheduled inspections can reduce the amount of service your drains and sewer lines require.

Drain and Sewer Repair in Shakopee, MN

Service Today has highly trained and experienced sewer and drain repair specialists who can quickly troubleshoot and fix any problem. We provide a complete estimate if you need to know, for example, how much it costs to replace a sewer pipe. Our team is committed to addressing your needs and financing is available to make service more affordable. When our plumbers are dispatched, they’re equipped with all the parts and tools needed to fix your drain or sewer line on the spot. Most jobs only require one visit. Our team is devoted to being efficient and getting the job done right the first time.

Water Jetting Services in Shakopee, MN

Our water jetting equipment can be used on home plumbing systems to safely clear blockages. Service Today also provides water jetting drain cleaning for customers such as restaurants and service kitchens, as a form of preventative maintenance. No potentially harmful chemicals or solvents are used. The water jetting process is non-toxic and will not harm your plumbing system. Our technicians are trained in water jetting plumbing, drains, wells, and septic lines. Grease traps can be quickly cleaned as well.

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