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Drainage and Sewer Service Company in Richfield, MN

Clients across the Twin Cities region have depended on Service Today for residential sewer, drain, and plumbing services since 2005. The customer always comes first and our team will do what it takes to meet your expectations. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee and prioritize courtesy and cleanliness when working in any Richfield home. In addition, a one-year warranty is included with each service, covering all installation work and parts that we provide. Our technicians aim to get the job done right the first time. We also specialize in one-stop service, having all the parts and tools needed to complete projects in a single visit.

Drain and Sewer Installation in Richfield, MN

Our licensed, bonded, and insured plumbing technicians can take on the most complex drain line cleaning and repair jobs, drain line replacement, pipe relining, and grease trap installation. For a sump pump to work properly, it must be the right size and installed without error. Fortunately, the team at Service Today can manage all these projects to ensure you benefit. We do everything it takes to ensure your drainage system is functional. From the start, we map out your drains and sewer lines, which minimizes the risk of problems later. Drain trap installation is important because it aids in distributing wastewater to avoid backups and overflows.

Drain and Sewer Maintenance in Richfield, MN

There’s no question that your drain and sewer lines work very hard. The constant flow of water, minerals, sediment, and anything that washes down a drain or toilet (including soap, grease, and hair), can eventually cause a clog. We provide high-quality drain and sewer cleaning services in Richfield, MN. Aided by video inspection, our team can spot any minor issues to fix. Water jetting can also be provided to effectively clean your drain and plumbing lines and prevent further buildup. Call Service Today to schedule a professional inspection.

Drain and Sewer Repair in Richfield, MN

We’re known for one-stop service in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area and Richfield is no exception. Service Today’s technicians are friendly and professional. They are also efficient, so you won’t miss an evening out or a dinner with family at home. We’ll resolve your flooded basement, broken drainpipe, or muddy yard problem fast. Slow drains, backed up toilets, and dirty water are signs of a drainage or sewer problem. Our plumbers are equipped with many tools and parts on their trucks, so there’s little inconvenience when they arrive. They’re prepared to address any problem on the spot and are available 24/7.

Water Jetting Services in Richfield, MN

By water jetting plumbing, drain, sewer, and septic lines, we can effectively eliminate clogs. Our water jetting equipment uses just water and pressure to force blockages through pipes and clear out any residue. The process is completely safe and non-toxic. Water jetting can be used for grease traps and any type of drain. Chemical cleaners are usually ineffective and can be toxic and corrosive. Instead, schedule water jetting services to resolve clogs and for preventative maintenance.

To schedule an appointment with Service Today’s sewer and drain repair specialists, or discuss installation, maintenance, or water jetting, call (888) 998-2032 today.