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Refrigerant Burnsville

Refilling Refrigerant

Refrigerant is something every homeowner is aware of. Everyone knows that their air conditioner need refrigerant. Most homeowners even believe that their air conditioner needs refrigerant every few years. But that isn’t even the truth. This is a common misconception. refrigerant doesn’t just magically disappear or get used up. The system itself reduces coolant and utilizes it again and again. The only time a homeowner needs to top off their air conditioner unit is when the unit itself has a leak. But leaks are extremely common. Preventive maintenance on your air conditioner can greatly reduce the risk of leaking. When our refrigerant Burnsville certified technicians come out to your home, we will accurately assess your air conditioner unit, and tell you if you have leaks, or if we need to add additional refrigerant to your unit.

Why Does My AC Leak?

Your Burnsville air conditioner unit could be leaking for many reasons. But most of the time, it’s just natural wear and tear on the unit. The unit does whether the elements every single year. Leaks themselves can vary in degree. Sometimes leaks are smaller than a pinpoint. These are the most common leaks, and in these instances, the refrigerant leaks out of your unit very slowly. These leaks can be rectified rather easily, and your air conditioner can last for more years to come. Our refrigerant Burnsville technicians are extremely good at detecting leaks.

Unfortunately, there are times when the leaks are so big, that contractors cannot even fix the problem. Large leaks significantly reduce the amount of time the refrigerant exits the system. There are times when we go out to Burnsville homes, and we find that the air conditioner is completely out of refrigerant. These are due to huge leaks. It isn’t as common, but it happens. And most of the time, these leaks are irreparable, and replacement is one’s only option.

What Kind of Refrigerant Do I Need?

In the past couple of years, there have been new developments in the types of refrigerant available to Burnsville consumers. The old and most widely used refrigerant is that of R-22. If your air conditioner is more than a few years old, than it’s extremely likely that this is the kind of refrigerant that your system needs. The downside of this refrigerant is that it is extremely toxic, and it is very harmful for the environment. The environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has actually passed a law in recent years to eliminate R-22 manufacturing. Nowadays, every air conditioner manufacturer creates units that utilize this new kind of refrigerant. This kind of refrigerant is referred to as R-410. It is non-toxic, safer to handle, easier on cooling systems, more energy efficient to utilize, and it is safer for the environment. Plainly put, it is better in every way. Our refrigerant Burnsville technicians love working with the new kind of refrigerant. Every party wins with the new product.

Does This Mean I Need A New AC?

Even though there have been laws passed that have discontinued R22 production, we still have the ability to charge up your system, but there are specific stipulations that need to be recognized. If your system has a leak, you are only allowed to charge up your system once. After that, it is illegal for any contractor to charge up the system again. This is because the EPA doesn’t want you to keep charging up a system that is leaking coolant, coolant that is harmful to the environment.

Long story short, the answer is no. Burnsville homeowners are not required to purchase a new air conditioner. You are only going to be forced to purchase a new air conditioner if your current unit is leaking, and you have already called a contractor to charge up your system once before. In any case, look at it this way…It doesn’t make sense to be changing up a leaking unit anyway. There are so many different options these days on extremely energy efficient air conditioner systems, systems that last decades, systems that are quieter, systems that are smaller in size, and systems that will save you a ton of money on energy bills.

If you are considering purchasing a new air conditioner, we strongly recommend calling our office and setting up a free estimate with one of our technicians. Our refrigerant Burnsville certified technician may find that your system can last for another few years. Whatever happens though, our process is smooth and extremely easy.

We will come out, asses your home, assess your budget, assess what you and your family need to stay comfortable, and then give you a few options on replacement. The process is extremely easy. We are very proud of the fact that we formulate tailored options based on your situation. We do this by simply communicating with you. Most companies do not do this effectively. This is one of our greatest strengths. Our customers love the fact that we actually listen to their needs. Call us today, and experience the difference our Comfort Squad delivers on a daily basis.