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Air Conditioning, Heating, Plumbing & Electrical in Cottage Grove, MN

Air Conditioning, Heating, Plumbing & Electrical in Cottage Grove, MN

Service Today provides superior HVAC service in Cottage Grove MN. Service Today will always seek the most cost effective solution to your HVAC problems. Sometimes a simple ac repair or tune up is all that is necessary to give you many more years of good service. But there are other times when replacing your HVAC system is a better option than repairing it.

Call Service Today today to have your furnace inspected in Cottage Grove MN. Over time, your furnace will generally lose efficiency and you will need furnace repair. At Service Today, we offer professional furnace inspections and high quality heating repair. All repair work is performed by our experienced team of certified professionals.

Ductless Mini Splits in Cottage Grove MN

Mini-split heat pumps can be a great solution for achieving home comfort for homes without ductwork. Mini-split heat pumps work similarly to a traditional air-source heat pump. Comprised of two main components, the outdoor compressor/condenser and the indoor heating unit, mini splits are great for both heating and cooling individual rooms in your Cottage Grove  home and are great at reducing energy loss that can often occur with forced air systems and ductwork. Contact Service Today about our ductless mini-split air conditioning and heating in Cottage Grove MN.

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