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R-410 Refrigerant Lakeville

The New Kind of Refrigerant In Town

You may have caught wind about a new kind of refrigerant on the market. This kind of refrigerant is called R410A, and it is the newest kind of refrigerant manufacturers are utilizing. There is a projection that 2020, this kind of coolant will become the most used refrigerant used in air conditioning systems. There are many different reason this kind of refrigerant is used. There are two main reasons that this kind of refrigerant is growing in popularity around the county. the first is that reason It that it is environment friendly. The old kinds of refrigerant contained chemicals that damage the Earth’s ozone layer, but this kind of coolant does not contain any harmful chemicals like that. The other main reason for the change in coolant is that it allows manufacturers to create air conditioners that are smaller in design, and manufactures are also able to make the units more efficient over all. Our EPA certified and highly trained R-410 refrigerant Lakeville based technicians know how to handle both kinds of refrigerant with care. It is very important to call a professional when dealing with toxic chemicals.