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R-410 Refrigerant Lakeville

R-410 Refrigerant Lakeville

The New Kind of Refrigerant In Town

You may have caught wind about a new kind of refrigerant on the market.  This kind of refrigerant is called R410A, and it is the newest kind of refrigerant manufacturers are utilizing.  There is a projection that 2020, this kind of coolant will become the most used refrigerant used in air conditioning systems.  There are many different reason this kind of refrigerant is used. There are two main reasons that this kind of refrigerant is growing in popularity around the county.  the first is that reason It that it is environment friendly.  The old kinds of refrigerant contained chemicals that damage the Earth’s ozone layer, but this kind of coolant does not contain any harmful chemicals like that.  The other main reason for the change in coolant is that it allows manufacturers to create air conditioners that are smaller in design, and manufactures are also able to make the units more efficient over all.  Our EPA certified and highly trained R-410 refrigerant Lakeville based technicians know how to handle both kinds of refrigerant with care.  It is very important to call a professional when dealing with toxic chemicals.

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R-410 Refrigerant Lakeville

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What If My AC Takes R-22 Refrigerant? - Lakeville

What If My AC Takes R-22 Refrigerant?

Chances are going to be high, if your Lakeville home has a systems that is older than five year, that your air conditioner take the older kind of refrigerant.  But what does this mean?  Well, at some point, it might not be this year, or next year, but you are going to have to upgrade your air conditioner unit.  That is because the old kind of coolant is actually going to be phased out entirely.  Many people are upgrading their systems based on this reason.  There are great tax breaks to do it right now, and we encourage you to look at all of your options.  All of our knowledgeable R-410 refrigerant Lakeville certified staff members can assist you in this transition.  If you have any questions about this, we would be happy to discuss them with you. Please call our main office, and one of our friendly staff members will talk you through everything in detail.

Other Benefits of R-410 Refrigerant - Lakeville

Other Benefits of R-410 Refrigerant

There are also other benefits to R-410.  This kind of refrigerant is non-flammable, and it is also a lot less toxic overall.  R-410 is also non-corrosive and costs a lot less to manufacture.  This is good news for homeowners, because it will save them money on all air conditioner recharges their unit may need in the future.  This kind of refrigerant also operates at high pressure levels, which makes it easier to work with and has less of a detrimental impact on your unit overall.  R-410 refrigerant is also has a superior heat transferring ability, which translates in your air conditioners ability to cool your home faster and more effectively.  After understanding all of the added benefits this kind of coolant has over the old kind of refrigerant, namely R-22, it is very easy to see why this phase out is occurring.  All of our R-410 refrigerant Lakeville certified staff members are excited to be working with this kind of refrigerant.  We know the transition may prove to be difficult, but we are ready to take on all of the challenges associated with such a change, because we know it is the right move overall.

How Much Does R-410 Refrigerant Cost? - Lakeville

How Much Does R-410 Refrigerant Cost?

Most companies are fairly competitive when it comes to the cost of recharging your air conditioner unit.  In the past, with the old kind of coolant, it was well over $100 a pound (that’s no including any labor charges the company adds on  afterwards).  A typical air conditioner unit takes at least 3 pound of refrigerant.  Doing the math, you can see how an air conditioner recharge can cost a lot of money.  But there is good news! R-410 refrigerant costs less to make, and in turn we are passing those savings on to you.  Now a recharge, including the labor for the work is roughly $100 a pound. We are happy to be charging less for this service, because we understand that money can be tight.  And kind of savings we can pass on to our Lakeville customers, we are going to jump on that opportunity, and we are more than happy to do it!

If you are getting quotes from other R-410 refrigerant Lakeville certified companies that are more expensive than this, than something is wrong.  If you have any questions regarding pricing, please call our office and we will happily answer them for you!

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R-410 Refrigerant Lakeville

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