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Garbage Disposals in the Twin Cities

Garbage Disposals in the Twin Cities

Service Today offers expert garbage disposal installation and maintenance services to Minneapolis and St. Paul, MN. There is nothing more frustrating than a garbage disposal doesn’t work. To avoid having this problem happen to you, set up regular maintenance appointments with professional plumbers in Twin Cities metro area.

What a Garbage Disposal Does

Garbage disposals obviously dispose of garbage in your sink, but what you may not realize is that they are connected through drains and pipes and in the middle there are rotating blades. Sometimes all those moving parts can get clogged or stop working. Garbage disposals connect to your sink drain on one end and your main drainage line on the other. It is important to remember to always run water while you are operating the garbage disposal. It keeps it from overheating and allows the food scraps to soften and be processed more quickly. It can also prevent things from getting stuck.

Garbage Disposal Installation

It is important that you call Service Today to properly install your garbage disposal. It is important that it is sealed and installed correctly to prevent leaks or other problems from occurring.

Garbage Disposal Maintenance and Repair

If your garbage disposal is leaking or not grinding up food like it used to, give us a call. We can fix your garbage disposal problems quickly and correctly the first time. Another good idea to prevent costly larger repairs is to schedule regular maintenance appointments with a professional plumber.

We offer 24 /7 emergency service, please don’t hesitate to call us at (651) 356-6154 or (952) 442-5096.

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