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December 3, 2015

Service Today is known as the “Comfort Squad.” We provide gas furnace tune-up in the Twin Cities as well as, furnace repair and replacement. Service Today is ready to provide you with the finest heating service in town! Protect the reliability and efficiency of your heating system by scheduling a furnace tune-up today. We service all makes and models of gas and oil fired furnaces (including hybrid heating systems).

See what we do on a Twin Cities gas furnace tune-up:

Check Return and Supply Static Pressures

Inspect Evaporator Coil

Check Start Collar Seal at Plenum

Inspect Blower Cabinet Insulation

Inspect Blower Wheel Cleanliness

Check All Electrical

Check Circuit Board for Burn Marks

Check Blower Wheel Bearings

Ensure TXV Bulb Mounted at 10 or 2

Inspect for Signs of Refrigerant Leaks

Inspect Secondary Drain Line

Check Condensate Pump

Inspect Drain Safety Switch

Verify if Pan Treatment is Needed

Read Blower Motor Amp

Check Inducer Motor Amps

Verify Blower Capacitor uF Valve

Measure Temp Rise

Adjust Gas Pressure

Check Limit Switches & Mounts

Check Burner Crossover Ports

Vacuum Furnace Area and Burners

Check for Sufficient Combustion Air

Clean Combustion Air Vent Screen

Inspect Heat Exchanger

Check Hoses for Cracks & Wear

Inspect Pressure Switch

Check for Proper Flue Rise
Measure Flue Clearances

Check Flue Pipe for Leaks and Rust

Inspect PVC for Leaks

Test Gas Connections

Check for Proper Ignition

Run Furnace in All Stages

Test Gas Shut Off Operation

Check for Installed Carbon Monoxide Detector

Verify Surge Protector Installed

Check UV Germicidal Lamp

Clean Outside of Furnace

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