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Water Softener Repair, Installation, and Maintenance in Oakdale, MN

We are proud to offer water softener services in Oakdale, MN. Whether you need help with water softener system installation or water softener replacement parts, our experienced technicians can help protect your residential plumbing against hard water.  The professionals at Service Today can install a new system or replace an old one. Routine maintenance service is also available, and we can repair just about any issue.  Call (888) 998-2032 and we’ll take care of your water softener service needs.

Water Softener Installation

Hard water can cause mineral buildup that can lead to clogs and pipe damage. This can be quite costly compared to the water softener installation cost. Fortunately, our team knows how to hook up a water softener and ensure it is working properly. We can even suggest the best types and models for your home. There are two options worth considering. When providing water softener installation near Oakdale, MN, we can provide an automatic water softener, which is pre-programmed to process utility water at a certain time each day. Another option is demand initiated regeneration that softens water based on when it is needed; it is ideal for use in homes with day-to-day fluctuations in water use. To learn more, call (888) 998-2032 and schedule an appointment.

Water Softener Replacement

At Service Today, our Oakdale, MN, technicians are skilled at effectively replacing your water softener. Whether you need a full unit or water softener head replacement, we can effectively address your exact needs so your system is completely up to date. Depending on usage, you may not want to be without soft water. Our team is responsive and fast, so you won’t be stuck with hard water for long. We’re committed to customer satisfaction and completing every job with the results you expect, as well as ensuring the cleanliness and comfort of your home.

Water Softener System Maintenance

Our Oakdale, MN, customers can depend on us for periodic maintenance, which can protect their water softener systems from major breakdowns and expensive repairs. A maintenance call can include changing the filter, which keeps things flowing normally, or a water softener injector cleaning. A technician may also perform a test on the system to see how it is running. If any repairs or adjustments are needed, we’ll provide a fair estimate first. To schedule water softener maintenance near Oakdale, MN, call (888) 998-1185.

Water Softener Repair Service

Eventually, water softeners installed in Oakdale, MN, homes may need repairs. The technicians at Service Today can perform water softener head replacement, installation of new water softener connectors, or replacement of any water softener repair parts that you need. We can address issues with improper installation as well. But whether the repair is simple or more complex, our team is trained and equipped to handle anything. Call (888) 998-2032 to schedule water softener repair in Oakdale, MN.