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Nest Thermostat Installation in Minneapolis, MN

Nest Thermostat Installation in Minneapolis, MN

It’s So Cool, Google Bought It

If you have yet to see a picture of the Nest Thermostat, we are glad to show this thing off.  This thermostat revolutionized the way homeowners view and interact with their thermostat and their heating and cooling system overall.   There has been so much buzz drummed up from this thermostat, that Google actually purchased the company that created these things.  Just think about that for a second.  If Google bought it, the product has to be pretty good right?

Here at Service Today Heating & Cooling, we believe this wholeheartedly.  There are only a handful of other thermostats that can compete with this product.  If you are considering having one of these thermostats installed into your home, we are excited for you.

But we just want to make sure you hire a Nest Thermostat Minneapolis contractor that truly understands this products capabilities. Because the sky’s the limit with this product!

Nest Thermostat Installation in Minneapolis, MN
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What Can The Nest Do? - Minneapolis

What Can The Nest Do?

If you don’t choose the correct Nest Thermostat Minneapolis contractor for the installation process, you could be choosing out on a whole bunch of capabilities that could benefit you and your family greatly.  The Nest was designed in such a way to communicate to virtually every heating and cooling product you have implemented into you home. For example, if you have a humidification system, the next can control this, even down the the exact humidification percentage your home is experiencing.  It can also speak with your air to air exchanger, your UV Light system (something that kills all bacteria, viruses, mold, etc in your home), and your electronic air cleaner in the same way.  Everything can be controlled with the Nest, and it can be control in style!  Because let’s face it, once you have installed the Nest on your Minneapolis home’s wall, it will be a conversation starter for years to come.  People are ‘wowed’ by this product, and they should be.  It is a powerful tool in the home comfort business.

The Nest Looks Styling! - Minneapolis

The Nest Looks Styling!

Not only can it completely revolutionized the way you interact with all of your indoor air gadgets, but the Nest Thermostat just looks plain cool too!  With its retro shape (as it draws on those traditional round thermostats of decades past), its sleek color palette, and its user friendly platform, this product is sure to please.  We love putting them into MInneapolis homes, and seeing the smile on a customer’s face when they finally get to play with their purchase.  But again, if you don’t hire the right Nest Thermostat Minneapolis certified contractor, you might not be able to fully realize its potential.

We Give You A Free Tutorial - Minneapolis

We Give You A Free Tutorial

It’s one thing to hire a company to come out and install the thermostat, but its quite another thing if that company comes out, installs the thermostats, completely integrates all of your heating and cooling gadgets into the Nest’s software, and then trains you on how to best use the thermostat. Our Nest Thermostat Minneapolis installers do just this.  We understand that you probably don’t know how to use this thing, because its a complete upgrade from what you had in your home previously.  We get that, and so we take the time to educate you on your new product.  We have found that our Minneapolis customers really appreciate this, and quite frankly, we are happy to do it.  So, call us today.  We are your one stop shop for everything Nest Thermostat.  We sell, install, and train.  It would be foolish to call any other company knowing the amount of care and attention we will give you.  Call our Comfort Squad, and we will hook you up right!

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Nest Thermostat Installation in Minneapolis, MN

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