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Hot Water Heater Service Contractor in Mendota Heights, MN

Residential and commercial clients rely on Service Today for hot water heater installation, maintenance, repair, and replacement in Mendota Heights and the Twin Cities region. You rely on a water heater for many things. Without one, it is practically impossible to do basic tasks such as take a shower or wash the dishes. 

Since 2005, our licensed, bonded, and insured technicians have been servicing water heaters. They are thoroughly trained, and committed to getting the job done right the first time. Plus, we include a one-year warranty with all installation work and parts supplied.

Water Heater Installation in Mendota Heights, MN

When it comes to installing water heaters, we’ll not only guarantee a job well done, but also help you choose from the most efficient options. Service Today provides top-quality tank and tankless water heater installation near you in Mendota Heights. Our mission is to prioritize your comfort and save you water and money.

Every installation job is thorough. We check your plumbing connections and even perform leak detection to identify any issues to fix quickly. With your plumbing, sooner is always better. And if you can benefit from a water softening or purification system, our water heater service technician will help with that too.

Water Heater Replacement

Most people would prefer to avoid replacing their water heater, but high efficiency models can reduce water usage dramatically, which can lower monthly bills. From accurate estimates to quality installation, Service Today is the best water heater replacement company in the Mendota Heights, MN, area.

Consulting a professional can help quickly find the right system for your home. It avoids disruption in hot water service as well. There’s little guesswork and you’ll get a fair estimate on your water heater replacement cost before we start.

Water Heater Maintenance in Mendota Heights, MN

Annual maintenance can keep your water heater in peak condition. There are many issues that can arise over time. For example, sediment can build up in the tank and water lines, but a water heater maintenance flush can take care of that. Water heater igniter replacement can avoid needing a new system for a while.

The technicians at Service Today will do everything they can to keep your system running. When we come to inspect your water heater, our crew has all the parts and tools needed to fix minor issues. With the right tools, minor water heater repairs are fast and simple.

Gas or Electric Water Heater Repair

Mendota Heights customers with a home or business can trust Service Today for all types of water heater repair. Our mission is to fix the problem right the first time, in one visit.

If you’re not getting enough hot water, the water heater is noisy, or there are odors, contact us to take a look. Changes in the pilot light or issues with an electric heating element should be fixed right away to ensure your safety. Also, prompt repairs may prevent more expensive damage. We have all the water heater replacement parts to restore your unit.

To schedule hot water heater repair near you, call Service Today at (888) 998-2032 and set up your appointment.