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Furnace Repair in Mendota Heights, MN

Heating Repair in Mendota Heights – 365 Days A Year

It’s another typical frigid January afternoon. You’re the first one home and you quickly walk up to the front door, unlock it and step inside. You rip off your coat and then stop dead in your tracks. It’s freezing inside! In fact…you can see your breath! The furnace running, but no warm air is coming out…Not a good situation. But guess what? We’re available 24 hours for furnace repair in Mendota Heights, MN.

Service Today is passionate about providing the finest comfort services in the state of Minnesota. To do that we have to be experienced. Check. We have to be current on cutting-edge equipment, but also understand old equipment.Check. We have to be available whenever there’s a heating or cooling problem because equipment doesn’t break down during a convenient 8-5 window. Check. And to top it all, we don’t charge our customers extra after hour fees. Whether you call us out at ten in the morning, or ten at night, our charges are the same!

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Don’t Waste Money

You’d be shocked if we told you how many heating installations are messed up by contractors who either don’t know what they’re doing, or simply don’t care. This results in furnaces and systems in need of repairs. When you call Service Today, this doesn’t happen. We don’t tell you to purchase new equipment when you don’t need it. And we don’t tell you to spend money fixing old equipment that we know isn’t gonna last. Furnace repair is done right by us. We take your entire system into account, and give you the honest facts that we’d want to know if it were our home. Call us for furnace repair in Mendota Heights!

Heating Maintenane

When it comes to furnace repair you wouldn’t want just anyone diagnosing and repairing your system, you’d want a trained and confident technician with experience. Let Service Today assess your furnace and provide the work needed to bring the system back to health. Due to a furnace’s balance of efficiency and functionality, there are many specialized tools and skills required to perform routine furnace repair, service, and maintenance.

A properly maintained furnace should prevent you from experiencing a costly furnace repair. As soon as you notice a potential issue, contact us instead of putting it off until it becomes worse. It can ultimately save you from a more costly furnace repair in the end. Ask us about our maintenance plan, SHAPE Membership.

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