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Lennox Furnace Twin Cities

Lennox Furnace Twin Cities

Why Service Today Backs the Lennox Brand

Lennox has been building and improving the HVAC industry since 1895. They are always trying to find a way to make a better Lennox furnace Twin Cities product to improve the comfort of your home. Unlike pop up companies that come and go with new products that they can’t stand behind; Lennox furnace Twin Cities has a industry leading warranty and extended warranties for their high efficiency products.

Service Today technicians are required to spend 200 hours in the training labs working hands on to improve their skills each year. Spending that much time fixing and repairing furnaces it’s safe to say they have seen it all. Service Today technicians recommend Lennox furnace Twin Cities branded products to their family and friends and the customers they are selling products too. Our technicians are honest when it comes to products and prices and never want you to feel robbed or cheated. That is one reason why they can always recommend a quality product like Lennox furnace Twin Cities products.

Lennox – Improving your Home Quality

Lennox isn’t just here to sell you a top of the line product, their goal is to make sure your home is as comfortable as possible throughout each season. Lennox furnace Twin Cities products are tested in the Lennox lab before a customer can buy them for quality assurance. They are tested in harsh environmental conditions to make sure they can stand up to any home environment they would face. Lennox furnace Twin Cities products are not only backed by Lennox and Service Today but Good Housekeep has put their seal of quality assurance on most Lennox products as well. This means that Good housekeeping has tested the Lennox furnace Twin Cities products and would recommend them to their readers. With a Good Housekeeping seal comes a two year warranty from Good Housekeeping themselves. With three separate companies backing one product you can rest assured it will last through the years.

The Price and the Savings

Lennox products are made not only for the quality of the product but to be affordable for the average Twin Cities family. If you buy a Lennox furnace Twin Cities product you are getting a quality product at a reasonable price. Plus most Lennox products have an Energy Star which means you are saving money each month on your utilities and you are helping out the environment at the same time. The Lennox furnace Twin Cities product can make you feel good about your purchase.

Lennox Furnace Twin Cities

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