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Lennox Furnace St. Paul

Lennox Furnace St. Paul

Lennox Furnace St. Paul
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Get the Quality Product You Deserve - Saint Paul

Get the Quality Product You Deserve

Lennox has been improving the quality of of their HVAC products since they started making them in 1895. Using advanced technology they aren’t just trying to sell more products they are trying to improve the comfort levels in your home. Whether this is making energy efficient Lennox furnace St. Paul products, making their furnaces’ quieter, or using different sources of energy. As a Lennox furnace St. Paul dealer Service Today knows the quality in Lennox’s products and works with them hands on each day.

Industry Leading Technicians - Saint Paul

Industry Leading Technicians

At Service Today we want our technicians to stay at the top of the curve when it comes to installing and fixing new furnaces in St. Paul, but we also want them to be the best at fixing the older units as well. With so many different brands and types of furnaces out there the best way to do this is to require hands on training for each technician. So as company policy each technician works 200 hours a year in the lab on different styles and brands of furnaces so everytime they come to your home they are confident it what they are doing. With all this training and education, and knowledge of each type of furnace out there our technicians still recommend Lennox furnace St. Paul products to our customers and they install them at their own home as well.

Lennox is Recognized Globally - Saint Paul

Lennox is Recognized Globally

Lennox furnace St. Paul dealers sell a product that is sealed with Good Housekeepings quality assurance stamp. This means a lot when there are so many other pop up HVAC companies showing up and selling cheap products and disappearing before the warranties are up. For the last four consecutive years Lennox has won the Energy Star manufacturing partner of the Year award. This is a very big honor because as Lennox furnace St. Paul dealer know Lennox puts a lot of time and effort trying to make their products that will help improve a home and the environment.  When you choose Service Today, you can be rest assured your furnace replacement project will be installed to the most stringent manufacturer standards.


Why Is Service Today a Lennox Dealer - Saint Paul

Why Is Service Today a Lennox Dealer

Service Today became a Lennox dealer early on in there company, not only because the technicians back Lennox furnace St. Paul products, but also because Lennox and Service Today have the same overall goals. Both companies want to make the customer happy in their purchases. They want the customer to know they made the right decision when they purchased their Lennox furnace St Paul product. Service Today also chose Lennox product because there products rarely break down. They also want the customer to know that with the purchase isn’t just a product but a support system that stand behind it, If you decide to choose a Lennox furnace St. Paul product as your next furnace call Service Today to give you a quote.

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