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Lennox Furnace Maplewood

Lennox Furnace Maplewood

The Lennox Quality

When  you are considering buying a new Lennox furnace Maplewood product you will be completely satisfied with the quality of the product. Lennox has been improving the quality of HVAC products since 1895. That’s a long time to be in the same business, and it takes a very unique goal and dedication to stay relevant that long. Lennox guarantees their Lennox furnace Maplewood products will be at a high quality because they put their products through the ringer before they send them out. Making sure they will hold up in all different environments.

Can’t take Their Word For It

Well we all know that Lennox would say their products are the best because they are “their products.” But what’s nice about Lennox furnace Maplewood products is that most also have the Good Housekeeping seal. This is a well known sign of quality assurance, and Good Housekeeping doesn’t just give these out willinging. They make sure they test the product themselves in their own labs.

Government Tax Write Off

With most high efficiency products these days the government wants you to purchase the best quality products that help the environment and they will help you pay for them too. They created an Energy Star program that helped them do this. So before buying check out the Lennox Furnace Maplewood line and talk to your utility company to see if you can get any paybacks for purchasing specific units. Lennox furnace Maplewood company has won the Manufacturing partner of the year award 4 years in a row.

Service Today and Lennox Go Hand in Hand

One of the main reason Service Today is a Lennox dealer is because they have the same company goals. They don’t want to be a popup company that will be gone in a year, they want to be here for the customer for years to come. They both see customer satisfaction as the number one goal. Lennox Furnace Maplewood products are easy to stand behind because they are such a quality line, but what makes this an even easier decision for Service Today is that Lennox has one of the industry leading manufacture guarantees. With high efficiency Lennox furnace Maplewood products  you can even get extended warranties. So when you are ready to talk about a new furnace installation give Service Today a call to see what Lennox furnace Maplewood product would work best in you home.

Lennox Furnace Maplewood

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