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Lennox Furnace Edina

Lennox Furnace Edina

Buying Lennox Saving The Environment

You didn’t realize that by buying a household appliance that you need is actually good for the environment. Yes, most Lennox furnace Edina products are backed by the government’s Energy Star program, this means that each month you save money on your utility bill and over all you are making the environment a better place. Way to go for choosing Lenox furnace Edina products. Not only is it good for the environment it’s good for your wallet too. By choosing an energy star appliance you are saving hundreds of dollars each year on your utilities. It’s differences like that that Make Lennox furnace Edina products stand out.

If You Can’t Trust Us, Trust Good Housekeeping

Did you know that most Lennox furnace Edina products are backed by Good Housekeeping Seal. this is a widely known seal for quality assurance that Good Housekeeping tested. So when you purchase a Lennox product it’s under warranty from Lennox itself, under service warranty from Service Today, but also under Good Housekeeping Seal Warranty for the first two years. With that many companies standing behind it it must be pretty reliable.

Why Choose Lennox

Lennox has been making and improving their HVAC products since 1895, they are a industry leading company when it comes to using advanced technology to make the best product possible. Lennox isn’t just trying to sell the best product on the line they are trying to make your home the most comfortable as it can be, weather that is having a quieter product or improve the air quality. Lennox furnace Edina products stand the test of time in your home.

Service Today and Lennox

Service Today has been in the HVAC industry in the Edina area for decades. No one knows the communities HVAC needs like Service Today does and no one knows quality furnace products like Lennox does. That’s what made the partnership a no brainer. Both Service Today and Lennox have the same mindset when it comes to customers. They both feel that the customers satisfaction is the most important. Weather we are fixing or replacing a Lennox furnace Edina product you will see nothing but prompt, and respectful technicians who are educated and certified on each thing they do.

Service Today technicians have been recommending Lennox furnace Edina products since the beginning. With the required 200 hours of hands on training each technician needs they have seen many different brands of products and they feel that nothing stand up to a Lennox furnace Edina product.

Lennox Furnace Edina

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