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Lennox Furnace Cottage Grove

Lennox Furnace Cottage Grove

Good Housekeeping Stamp of Approval

Lennox Furnace Cottage Grove products are always highly recommended from Service Today technicians, but did you know they are also recommended by Good Housekeeping. That’s right the Good Housekeeping seal of quality assurance is stamped on most Lennox furnace Cottage Grove Products. To get this seal Lennox products were tested in Good Housekeepings laboratory. With the seal the products are under Good Housekeeping’s two year warranty even with a manufactures warranty Good Housekeeping will personally replace or refund any sealed Lennox furnace Cottage Grove product.

Why choose Lennox Furnaces

Besides being backed by Lennox, Service Today, and Good Housekeeping a Lennox Furnace Cottage Grove product receives extensive testing before the consumer has a chance to purchase it. In Lennox laboratories each furnace is tested in the harshest conditions to ensure that they will hold up in any environment.

The Lennox furnace Cottage Grove products are Energy Star approved which means you will not only save money on your utility bill each month but that you are playing your part in helping the environment. Notify your utility company once you purchase the product.

Service Today supports Lennox

Service Today has been working on Lennox furnaces for decades, they recommend Lennox furnace Cottage Grove products to their customers and their family and friends. Not only does Service Today feel that the product is great but they also feel the same way about customer satisfaction as Lennox does. Lennox offers a leading industry warranty for their products. If something goes wrong years after you buy it you can rest assured Lennox will make sure you as a customer are satisfied for years to come. Both Service Today and Lennox have prompt service with certified Lennox furnace Cottage Grove technicians that know the products inside and out. With that kind of dedication on your side it’s no wonder Service Today technicians like to recommend Lennox furnace Cottage Grove products.

Lennox Furnace Cottage Grove

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