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Lennox Furnace Coon Rapids

Lennox Furnace Coon Rapids

What Company is the Best for You?

This is a decision only you can make, but Service Today wants to give you some information on us before you make that decision. For Service Today it isn’t just about the money, if it was we probably wouldn’t still be around. We want to make sure you know we treat you like family. By offering only the best products like Lennox Furnace Coon Rapids products and working way past the normal 5pm bell it’s obvious we are doing this because we like to, not just for the bottom line.

Our Lennox Furnace Coon Rapids technicians are some of the most certified and educated technicians in the Coon Rapids area. Each technician will receive over 200 hours of training per year to make sure they stay on top of their game. That includes fixing the 20 year old off brand furnace to installing something new like the Lennox Furnace Coon Rapids line.

Why We Love Lennox

It’s not very common to find a quality product at a decent price in Coon Rapids. Not to mention a company that has been around a while and knows what they are doing. Thats exactly what you get with Lennox furnace Cool Rapids. You see all these pop up companies that open and close the next month selling a product they are just trying to make a buck off off. Well Lennox furnace Coon Rapids products stand the test of time, and Lennox backs that up with their industry leading manufactures’ warranty. It’s not common to find a pioneer company still in the business this long unless they have something the competition can’t beat. If you are interested in getting a new furnace in the future we urge you to check out Lennox Furnace Coon Rapids, you won’t be disappointed.

Lennox Takes The Cake

Did you know that the Good HouseKeeping gives it seal to most Lennox products. That’s the widest known sign of a quality home product. Not only does Good Housekeeping put their mark on Lennox Furnace Coon Rapids but so does Service Today. To receive a seal from good housekeeping they do extensive research on your product and test it for quality assurance and dependability. So when you are purchasing a Lennox furnace Coon Rapids product, it is backed by Lennox themselves, Service Today, and Good Housekeeping. If that’s not peace of mind I don’t know what is.

Lennox Furnace Coon Rapids

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