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Lennox Furnace Brooklyn Park

Lennox Furnace Brooklyn Park

Lennox Quality

Lennox furnace Brooklyn Park products are some of the top quality products at affordable prices that Service Today has ever seen. Service Today stands behind the quality of a lennox product because they’ve been working with them for years. One of the best features Lennox offers is the Lennox Furnace Brooklyn Park manufacture guarantee. As long as you are getting regular tune ups Lennox will stand behind their products with a manufacture guarantee that is at an industry high.

Service Today Guarantee

When you are working with a company like Service Today you can be confident in your choices. With our 100% satisfaction guarantee there’s never any second guessing or regrets. Service Today has gotten this far in the business by doing a few things differently than the other companies. We only recommend the best products, that’s why Lenox furnace Brooklyn Park is our top product recommendation. Secondly, we always put the customer first. If you as the customer aren’t confident in your decisions we want to educate you. Whether that is giving you the information you need on the utility savings you will have with a new unit or the stats on a Lennox furnace Brooklyn Park product we can walk you through any situation so you are comfortable before we start working.

Lennox and Service Today

Why does Lennox furnace Brooklyn Park love working with Service Today? Well it’s pretty simple, Lennox has manufacture guarantees on their products because they stand behind them 100% but they can’t put a guarantee on a product that was installed wrong or not taken care of properly with tune ups and safety checks. This is where Service Today comes in. Lennox furnace Brooklyn Park knows Service Today is installing each and every furnace properly. They know that Service Today recommends an annual check up and has programs set up to make the annual check up even easier. They also know that when Lennox furnace Brooklyn Park technicians visit your home to do a tune up they are doing it correctly, and not skipping any steps. With that kind of commitment to the product and the service it’s obvious Lennox and Service Today make a great team.

Tune up, Repair, or Brand New System

Service Today has worked with Lennox for many years, our Lennox furnace Brooklyn Park technicians know Lennox furnaces like the back of their hand. If you are looking for someone to do a quick cleaning and safety check or needing a brand new Lennox system Service Today is number one. We’ve worked on Lennox furnace Brooklyn Park products daily and we recommend them to our customers. If you want a Lennox furnace Brooklyn Park technician that knows what they are doing give Service Today Heating and Cooling a call today.


Lennox Furnace Brooklyn Park

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