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Lennox Air Conditioner Lakeville

Lennox Air Conditioner Lakeville

The Lennox AC and Reliability

When customers ask what the best brand of air conditioner is, we try to explain that there are many different brands that could work for their home.  What is really important when considering replacing or installing an air conditioner is three things.  The first thing is your budget.  We try to give you a couple options based on your budget.  Some people only have a couple thousand dollars set aside for a new air conditioner, and we get that.  The second thing to consider is what your home requires.  We like to size our the exact air conditioner you home needs This way we can optimize on the units efficiency and save you a whole lot of money on energy bills.  And the third and final thing is what you and your family need?  Some people have allergies, some people have specific requirements on the kind of comfort they need.  All these things we take into consideration when selecting a new air conditioner.

But that being said, we also stand behind Lennox products fully.  We know that whatever situation you may find yourself in, there is always a Lennox air conditioner that is right for you. The other important thing to consider is the fact that lennox is a manufacturer that makes quality product.  We have to warranty all of the repairs and installations we do, and when we use Lennox brand items, we love this because we know that their equipment is reliable and rarely breaks.  The other thing to consider is our highly trained staff members.  We have Certified Lennox air conditioner Lakeville Technicians on staff.  THey know the product like the back of their hand.

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Lennox Air Conditioner Lakeville

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The Lennox XC14 AC - Lakeville

The Lennox XC14 AC

This Lennox air conditioner is the most affordable high efficiency air conditioners our customer purchase.  Our Certified Lennox air conditioner Lakeville technicians love this unit, because with efficiency ratings up to 16.2 SEER, this model can save homeowners hundreds of dollars each year on utility bills, compared to older or conventional units.  If you do not have a whole lot of money to spend on a new unit, but want high efficiency, this is the model you want for your Lakeville home.

The Lennox XC17 AC - Lakeville

The Lennox XC17 AC

This Lennox air conditioner is the most efficient single-stage air conditioner you can buy.  Our Certified Lennox air conditioner Lakeville technicians love this unit, because it uses environmentally friendly r-410a refrigerant, and has the exclusive Silent Comfort motor, which utilizes the latest in electronic sensor technology to optimize overall system performance.  You get a whole lot of bang for your buck choosing this model air conditioner for your Lakeville home.

The Lennox XC21 AC - Lakeville

The Lennox XC21 AC

This Lennox air conditioner is the most quiet and efficient central air conditioner unit you can purchase.  Our Certified Lennox air conditioner Lakeville technicians love this unit, because its one of the best ones out on the market. The XC21 is from the Dave Lennox Signature Collection and it keeps you even cooler during those long hot summer days.  It is a precision engineer, two stage variable speed air conditioner, and it automatically provide more and less cooling to your home as necessary to maintain a consistent temperature throughout the Lakeville house in which you reside.  All the while, the XC21 works to keep your energy bills very low as it has a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio)  rating of 21.  It also can utilize solar technology,  and has a vortex-suppression fan and insulated compressor compartment  to reduce noise.

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