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HVAC Twin Cities

HVAC Company Red Flags

If you are talking about getting a new furnace or AC and the company you are working with is very concerned with the install but doesn’t’ care about doing the follow up work like the tune ups this is a huge HVAC twin cities red flag. The install is where most companies make the most money, so if your technician is just looking to do the install then leave you are probably talking to a technician that isnt’ properly educated and is just trying to make a quick buck. Another red flag is when you don’t know about the companies HVAC Twin Cities past or reputation. If they don’t’ have any history or testimonials online they could be a brand new pop up company. Another big red flag you will see is their quotes are illegible and confusing. Some HVAC Twin Cities technicians will put together confusing quotes and either not include everything so you think you have a good deal and then add it at the end, or not do the full install complete in the first place. Getting any of these technicians can be extremely detrimental to the life of your furnace. When you are ready to work with a trusted company who’s been in the Twin Cities for decades give Service Today’s HVAC Twin Cities technicians a call.

Technicians for the People

Service Today technicians have an ability to make you feel comfortable with them right away, they don’t feel pushy when they are trying to give you HVAC Twin Cities recommendations. They truly care about the customer and their HVAC systems. As a technician at Service Today you are required to have 200 hours of training hands on per year. That includes AC’s and furnaces, that includes older styles and the newest technology. This way Service Today’s HVAC Twin Cities technicians be be ready for anything that comes along their way. We aren’t the only ones who think our technicians are great check out what other homeowners in the Twin Cities have to say about Service Today technicians on Angie’s list.

Maintenance Plan: Comfort Club

Are you looking for a company that can keep your furnace and AC unit running great without costing you an arm and a let. Well Service Today may have your solution, we are a one of a kind membership package for those who want to stay on a budget but also want regular care for their HVAC Twin Cities system. For only $12.99 a month you can be part of Service Today’s HVAC Twin Cities maintenance plan where we give you one free tune up on your furnace and AC one time a year, this includes a safety check. We also give you discounts on any HVAC Twin Cities product or service you may need. As a member you also get to budge in like for service. If we aren’t at your home within 24 hours of your call we will pay you $100.