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HVAC Maplewood, MN

HVAC Maplewood, MN

HVAC Company Stereotypes

When you call on a HVAC Maplewood company to come clean the air ducts, fix or maintenance your furnace or AC it’s not your favorite thing to do. We know that the stigma a HVAC Maplewood technician gives off isn’t the best in the blue collar industry. That is why Service Today is here to change that. We are a customer service oriented company whose main focus is doing things right the first time. When our certified HVAC Maplewood technicians get to your home you will experience nothing but respect and customer service. They will get there on time and they will look at your unit and educate you on what went wrong and what they need to do before they even start working. It’s a great way to earn your trust. They won’t make decisions for  you, because this is your HVAC unit and your Maplewood home, but they will give you the information and education you need to make those decisions.

Service Today Warranty and Guarantee

One of the great things that sets Service Today Heating and Cooling apart from all the other HVAC Maplewood companies is the follow up care you will get from us. We don’t just install or repair we make sure our install stays at the best quality and efficiency and longest lifespan possible. We make sure each repair is done right the first time so you don’t have to keep fixing the same problem over and over. We also have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of our HVAC Maplewood technicians work. We stand behind what they do and if you see anyway they could improve just let us know. We love getting comments good or bad because that helps us make the service even better for Maplewood homeowners in the future. Besides the guarantee Service Today also have warranties on all the HVAC Maplewood service work. If something was installed improperly that’s not your fault, that’s our fault so if in the future anything happens to something we’ve already worked on let us know and we’ll fix it for free.

A Great Reputation

Service Today knows how hard it can be for new HVAC Maplewood companies out there and that reputation is everything that is why we’ve done our best every day to make sure each HVAC Maplewood customer was happy with their results. If you don’t want to take our word for it check out what other customers have said about service in the Maplewood neighborhood on Angie’s list.

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HVAC Maplewood, MN

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Furnaces, Heat Pumps and Hybrid Systems

Furnaces, Heat Pumps and Hybrid Systems

Staying warm in Minnesota is no easy task. When our frigid winter days hit, you need a solid heating system keeping your home cozy. Most homes use a gas furnace to keep warm, while others have radiant heating systems. For those outside city limits without access to natural gas, a hybrid heating system can save a lot of money on winter heating bills. How? A hybrid system combines a gas furnace (propane) and an electric heat pump for heating. They automatically switch on and off based on which is more efficient (heat pumps are more efficient at milder winter temps). Call Service Today today for the ideal solution for your home.

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