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HVAC Coon Rapids

A Good Reputation Goes Along Way

Coon Rapids homeowners know the struggle of trying to find one HVAC company that they can trust to work on their heating & air conditioning in Coon Rapids, MN. From furnaces to air conditioners to duct cleaning – Service Today can be your go to HVAC company. We have strong ties with the community and we’ve been around for decades. The only way to stay on top in this business is to make sure you do really great work and make sure your customers trust you. This is why we have such a good relationship with our customers, we know we wouldn’t be here without them. We take lots of pride in our reputation and we know that much of the HVAC Coon Rapids business is because of word of mouth. If you aren’t sure who to talk with check out Angie’s list, see what others in your community think of Service Today as their number one HVAC Coon Rapids service.

Excellence Down To the Individual

Service Today as a whole isn’t the one to thank for all of the great HVAC Coon Rapids customer service you receive from our business, it really comes down to the people and technicians we have working for us. Our receptionist answer the phone with “How can we Make you Smile” because they really want to know. Our technicians arrive on time and are respectful and courteous to you and your home. Each HVAC Coon Rapids technician is very comfortable in their position and confident when it comes to making the right assessments and suggestions for your home. Each technician receives 200 hours of hands on training per year to ensure they can work on all types of HVAC Coon Rapids products, from 20 year old furnaces to top of the line brand new air conditioners.

Follow Up, Follow Up, Follow Up

Another thing that separates Service Today from the other HVAC Coon Rapids companies is that we firmly believe in creating a lifelong relationship with you and your furnace. We know some companies just want the install but they will be gone before your first year of maintenance. That’s not Service Today. We want you to schedule your one year tune up with us and keep us as your trusted HVAC Coon Rapids company in your phone incase there are any problems. What’s great about always using the same company to do your work is that we will know your system and what little unique features it has. Also Service Today warranties all of their work. So if something we did in the past goes wrong we can fix it at no charge to you. That’s satisfaction from a HVAC Coon Rapids company.