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How Long Has It Really Been?

Here at Service Today Heating & Cooling, we can [probably guess that you do not do the right amount of preventative maintenance on your system? Most people simply call an HVAC company Cottage Grove technician when their unit breaks. And we understand this kind of mentality for the most part. It is an ‘out of sight, out of mind’ kind of thinking that lends to this mentality. But considering that the majority of air conditioning problems can be preventative with the proper maintenance, we took a really hard look at ourselves, and found that our company was wanting. We do not do a good enough job educating the public about the need for preventative maintenance. So, we set out to change that! Once you understand the importance, it is really easy to actually want to take care of your Cottage Grove home’s air conditioning and heating unit. Because you understand all the reason that it is beneficial.