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Heating Service Company

Minnesota winters are not to be taken lightly! When the frigid temperatures hit, you need a company like Service Today Heating and Cooling (aka The Comfort Squad) on your side! We’re a company who does right by our customers. We take those extra steps to make sure a job is done right, so that you’re left very happy with any work we perform.

Heating Maintenance

There is one common problem with heating systems across the greater Twin Cities area. Do you know what it is? Premature equipment problems. Homeowners are calling HVAC companies for repair at only about 70% of the potential life span of a heating system. Do the math on that against the purchase price, and it just made that furnace, heat pump or hybrid system a lot more expensive. So why does it happen? Often, it’s simply due to a lack of maintenance. Your HVAC system needs seasonal attention to remain efficient and reliable. We offer tune-ups for any make and model of gas and electric equipment.

Design and Installation

The sizing, design and actual installation of your heating and air conditioning system is paramount. The finest equipment (which we sell) installed the wrong way will fail. Far too many homeowners spend their precious money on quality equipment only to use an inexperienced technician, and the result can cost thousands of dollars to undo. This simply does not happen with Service Today. We are experts at designing custom solutions that meet your comfort, efficiency and budgetary requirements in a precise manner. And then we do the installation according to factory specifications, ensuring your equipment will be reliable and efficient.