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Why are Some Technicians Better than Others?

It’s extremely easy to boast about the greatness of your employees. Just browse the internet for five minutes, and you will see this fact plain as day. All too often you see the words ‘N.A.T.E Certified’ – EPA Certified, etc. But the real truth of the matter is, the honest answer every heating and cooling company West St. Paul owner never wants to reveal is this; these certifications are extremely easy to get. Yes, our company requires each of our employees to pass these tests, and yes, every heating and cooling company West St. Paul technician you possesses these certifications are more qualified than technicians who have not retained these certifications, but the honest truth is, the majority of technicians out on the road have them. So, the real question is really, why are some technicians so much better than others? And, the answer is simple – technicians who actually care about their customers, they are the individuals who are remembered. And these are exactly the types of technicians Service Today Heating & Cooling employs.