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Heat Pump Maplewood

How a Heat Pump Works

When you think about cooling down a hot and humid home, you probably don’t think of heat pumps. In fact, the words ‘air conditioner’ are likely the first things that come to mind. And if you are really tight with your money, the word might even be ‘window fans.’ But what most people do not know is that heat pumps can both heat and cool you Maplewood home. Sometimes, it’s actually the preferred and recommended method for cooling and heating your home. These nifty little machines uses a small amount of energy to move heat from one place to another. And this process doesn’t seem to hard, right? Heat pumps are typically used to pull heat out of the air to heat up a home, but they can be reversed to cool a building. When you call our heat pump Maplewood company out to your home, our technicians will figure out which method is the most practical for your home in particular.