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Water Softener Repair and Replacement in Golden Valley, MN

Our residential customers in Golden Valley benefit from water softeners to protect their pipes, drains, plumbing, and septic systems. Hard water can cause mineral deposits to accumulate. This can affect drainage and block water pipes completely.

Service Today is trusted for installing, repairing, and replacing water softener systems. We also provide routine maintenance so you get years of trouble-free performance.

Water Softener System Installation

At Service Today, we’re committed to making the water softener installation price in Golden Valley, MN, more affordable. If your home or business can benefit from a water softener, we can recommend the best system for you. Since 2005, we’ve been installing automatic systems that soften water at the same time every day, and demand initiated regeneration units that activate when you need them.

Water Softener Replacement in Golden Valley, MN

Replacing a water softener requires professional help. Computerized components, electrical connections, and a variety of parts and fittings can make the process complicated. But in the end, Service Today will ensure the system is working and keeps your plumbing free of hard water. 

Not sure if you need your system replaced or simply new water softener replacement parts, such as a new filter? Our technicians can inspect the unit and recommend the best steps to take

Water Softener Maintenance in Golden Valley, MN

Maintenance can save a great deal on repairs, whether you own a residential water softening system. Our technicians can clean the tank, adjust valve settings, check water quality, and assess all the moving parts to make sure your water softener is working properly.

At Service Today, our mission is to provide high quality plumbing and water treatment services to ensure your home or office is a safe and healthy environment.

Water Softener Repair Service

Service Today can visit your Golden Valley, MN, home or business to fix your water softener problems. We always make sure your property is left comfortable and clean, and fix any issue right the first time. Our professional technicians are reliable and courteous.

Our team is also equipped with the latest tools and equipment to fix whatever problem there is with your unit. All the water softener repair parts we use are of the highest quality. The goal is for your system to last for many years and to prevent more serious, costly issues.

To schedule an appointment and receive a quote on your water softener repair cost in Golden Valley, MN, call (888)-998-2032.