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Gas Furnaces

Gas Furnaces

A gas furnace keeps your home cozy during a frigid Minnesota winter. Modern, natural gas furnaces boast new features that affect the comfort of your home, and the size of your utility bills. Here are a few of the features to look for in a new furnace:

Modulating Flames

In the past, a furnace flame was either on or off. Then came 2-stage operation, which offered energy savings because the furnace flame didn’t have to be fully on all of the time to adequately heat your home. Now some furnaces offer fully modulating flames which means the furnace will adjust the flame in tiny increments to meet heating needs with maximum efficiency.

Condensing Technology

Furnace efficiency is rated on how much gas is actually converted to usable heat energy. In the past, some heat energy was lost in the exhaust of a furnace. Now, condensing technology captures this heat energy for use in heating your indoor air.

Variable Speed ECM Fan Motor

The fan motor in your furnace is used year round. In the past, they were loud, single speed fans. Now a variable speed ECM fan motor can adjust for better comfort, and it’s whisper quiet. No more turning up the game when the heating and air conditioning kicks on!

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South Saint Paul Gas Furnaces
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