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Furnace Twin Cities

Furnace Twin Cities

Choosing the Right Company

It can be difficult to pick the right company to install, repair, and tune up your furnace Twin Cities system. Service Today stands out when you are looking at the competition. One major thing that will separate Service Today from other companies is their Membership package. we don’t want to send you off with a giant bill every time we see you so we created a package where you receive your annual furnace Twin Cities tune up each year for free. On top of that you get discounts on all our products and services, plus you get bumped to the front of the line for any service work. All this and for only $12.99 a month. That’s the best maintenance plan package in the Twin Cities.

Our technicians stand out from the crowd. It’s true the Twin Cities has so many options for HVAC companies and technicians. So why do we stand behind everything that Service Today’s furnace Twin Cities technicians do? Well first of all HVAC is a trade they teach everyone these days. It’s in the top most common programs at 2 year colleges. But does getting a degree really mean you know how to do the job? We believe furnace Twin Cities technicians need regular continuing educations, that’s why our technicians receive over 200 hours of hands on training per year. This keeps them at the top of their game and capable of working on just about any furnace Twin Cities project with confidence.

Replacement or Installation

Unfortunately most furnace Twin Cities systems aren’t installed correctly. But Why? New advanced furnace systems don’t work efficiently with outdated duct work. The V in HVAC stands ventilation and it’s the most important part to the whole equation. The warm air does no good if you can’t get it through your home effectively. This is why Service Today has the best furnace Twin Cities installation. We make sure that we do the ductwork modifications right the first time, but we also include it on our quote, so you won’t be in sticker shock every throughout the whole process. We pay close attention to each detail of the process to make sure you are being treated fairly and that your installation won’t cause problems for your furnace Twin Cities home in the future. Call us for the right replacement solution. You will not be disappointed!

Tune Up or Maintenance

We know its a drag, but each year you should make sure each part of your HVAC system has a tune up. This includes your furnace Twin Cities system. A tune up is more than just a cleaning or filter change at Service Today. In each tune up we do a 83 point inspection including cleaning, safety checks, gas leak checks, and potential future problems as well. With our simple “Good, Maybe, Bad” review process our reports and quotes are very easy for  you to read even without any HVAC knowledge. Tune ups help avoid the need for emergency furnace repair on a frigid winter night. Call us today for the finest service in town!

Furnace Twin Cities

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Coon Rapids Heating Solutions

Coon Rapids Heating Solutions

Whether you have a gas furnace, electric heat pump, radiant or hybrid heating system, we’re the contractor to call for work done right — the first time! We do right by our customers, and it really shows. The core of our company is a passion to help our customers experience the finest in efficient, reliable indoor comfort. This means when we give you advice, it’s always with your best interests in mind. We never sell you equipment you don’t need, and we do our best to help you stretch your hard earned dollars the right way.

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