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Furnace Tune Up Edina

VIP Member Services- Comfort Club Members

Getting the VIP treatment can be expensive, well not with Service Today’s Comfort Club Membership. As a member you get VIP priority with our technicians. If you call for a visit they will push you to the front of the line and be there in 24 hours or less or pay you $100. Priority is not the only benefit, as a member you also get your furnace tune up Edina service free of charge each year. Our experienced and customer friendly furnace tune up Edina technicians will come vist and make sure your furnace is clean and safe for your family. As a member you get discounts on services and installs on top of the free furnace tune up Edina service each year and the VIP status. It’s a no brainer, we will wait for your call.

Working with Service Today

It can be nerve wracking changing the company you work with for your utilities, but believe us changing to Service Today for your furnace tune up Edina service will be worth the initial stress. Service Today has been in the HVAC industry in the twin cities for decades, we have the experienced technicians you want working on your furnace tune up Edina service. Our technicians are all N.A.T.E. and EPA certified. They also get extensive hands on training to make sure they are comfortable working with any type of furnace. But even more important than that all of Service Today’s furnace tune up Edina technicians genuinely care for our customers. You will notice this when they fix your furnace with 100% efficiency and quality but also when they spend the time to educate you and teach you how to prevent your furnace from needing a repair in the future. It’s that kind of dedication that might not get us a repair call in a few months, but it will give us a happy customer who we are hoping will call us when they do have a problem or for their next furnace tune up Edina service.

Satisfaction and Warranties

Service Today stands behind everything they do. From their technicians to the products we have warranties that give you the peace of mind that if something happens after your furnace tune up Edina technician that should have been caught or was our fault we will come fix at no charge to you. Not only do with follow up, but if you have any complaint at all when it comes to an Service Today furnace tune up Edina technician you give us a call because we want to hear it. Knowing what you expect is half the battle sometimes. We have 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if you are not completely satisfied in something let us know, we will refund you and this gives us something to work on to improve ourselves.