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The Most Inconvenient Time - Saint Paul

The Most Inconvenient Time

Usually, bad things happen when we least expect.  Like your furnace St. Paul unit breaking down the day before you leave for vacation. Yes, it happens to be a Sunday. With one little call to Service Today you can have this crisis averted in no time. Service Today wants to make sure you feel comfortable with their service and their skills. Each Service Today technician has received countless hours of training and is confident to fix any problem they run into. One great thing about Service Today is we won’t charge you extra for calling in at those inconvenient times, we work for the same price whether its 10am on a Monday or 10PM on a Friday. Just give Service Today’s furnace St. Paul technicians a call whenever they need to be there, we will fix.

New Furnace Needed - Saint Paul

New Furnace Needed

You are ready to look for a new furnace, Not having done this in 20 years you might need a little help figuring out what you want. First things first you will have to call at least one company to get quotes on furnace St. Paul installations. When dealing with furnace companies make sure they can explain to you what exactly is on the quote and what isn’’t. Some companies include air duct modification and some don’t. This does not mean you do not need it. 90% of St. Paul homes will need air duct modification. Some companies like to add it to the final bill after you except their quote, so you end up having to pay more than you expected. And some companies like to skip the whole processing thinking it’s not important when they don’t’ realize without duct modification on your furnace St. Paul unit you will be paying for repairs regularly in the future. Make sure you call Service Today to get a quote from them.

Satisfied With Your Service? - Saint Paul

Satisfied With Your Service?

We want to know if our furnace St. Paul technician did a satisfactory job on your last tune up, repair, or install. Did you receive an honest quote? Was he prompt and professional. These are the small things we are trying to improve on as a company. With your help we can get better every day. If you ever find you aren’t liking a service or a process by one of our furnace St. Paul technicians let us know right way.

Time for your Tune Up - Saint Paul

Time for your Tune Up

Don’t forget per manufacturer’s warranty some furnaces are required to get an annual tune up by a certified technician once a year to stay active. Service Today’s furnace St. Paul tune ups not only keep the furnace unit clean but they also help prevent breakdowns keep the furnace lasting longer. We offer the most comprehensive tune up and safety inspection on the market.  This will ensure you unit will last as long as possible.

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