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Furnace Installation in Minneapolis, MN

Service Today is your trusted Minnesota furnace company that has been around for decades doing furnace installation in Minneapolis, MN. We have families too and that’s what makes us one of the best furnace installation in Minneapolis companies to work with. Just like setting up cable and internet services furnace companies have to ask you to block out time in your day for us to come over and install. We know you have lives and don’t enjoy sitting around for technicians, we try to make this process as smooth as possible. We will give you as small of a time block as we can. Then once our technician gets there he will work quickly and professionally to get your furnace installation in Minneapolis setup and working properly. This may require other work besides just the install, but believe us when we say putting in the extra work now is going to pay off in the end. So if a company is promising you they can get your furnace done in a certain amount of time you should be worried. Furnace installation Minneapolis projects are unique per home, sometimes you don’t know the issues you will run into until you are half way through it.

Number One Reason For Repairs: Installs

This sounds goofy, we know, but the number one reason in Minneapolis why your furnace will need to be fixed or repaired in the first couple years is because the install went wrong. Installation is the most important thing when it comes to your new furnace. By properly completing a furnace installation Minneapolis project you are not only putting in a new furnace but making sure it works efficiently. This includes rerouting duct work to line up effectively, and testing the unique and checking the wiring and connections. By avoiding these things up front can cost more money to fix than the initial furnace installation Minneapolis project. So do the research and put in the effort to find a company that you can trust and will do the work right the first time.

It’s All About the Technicians

We know the history of our company or the name of our CEO isn’t going to impress you much if we don’t have something amazing to back it up. Well our furnace installation Minneapolis technicians are just that, amazing. We hire our technicians based on their customer service skills, their knowledge and love for the job, and their personalities. Not just their technical skills like most would assume. At Service Today Heating and Cooling we can teach any technician how to to do a furnace installation Minneapolis project properly, but what we can’t teach if how to be passionate about your job. We require our technicians to have all the normal certifications that any other Minneapolis technician you hire would brag about, but we also have them log 200 hours of hands on training per year in our warehouse learning new and old furnace installation Minneapolis set ups. This way they will be the highest trained and educated furnace installation Minneapolis technicians in the area.