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Furnace Installation Maplewood

The Benefits of a New Furnace

Having to get a furnace when yours breaks can feel like a big pain, but if you are prepared for it and know that furnaces need to be updated every 17-20 years it doesn’t have to be so bad. Your old furnace is 20 years old and it’s time to pick a new furnace for your upcoming furnace installation Maplewood project, but what to pick . This is where it can get fun. Is there anything else around your home that you haven’t replaced in 20 years. Take a TV for example if we were still using the TVs from 20 years ago everyone’s living room would be totally different, no more hanging them on the wall. Just think of how far the TV has come in 20 years. That is about the same for a furnace. When you get your new furnace installation Maplewood system finished you will notice right away the difference in technology. Your first bill you will see how the efficiency is so much better you are paying less and getting the same as you were before. Getting a furnace installation Maplewood system installed doesn’t have to be a pain, but instead a great investment for your home.

Service Today- A step above the rest

Who is Service Today Heating and Cooling? Well we are a smaller local business that does HVAC services for Maplewood and the surrounding areas. We have been around for decades and have a unique company goal. We don’t just want to sell product we want to make your home the most comfortable as possible. IF this requires a new furnace installation Maplewood project with a quieter furnace and more efficiency than that’s what we want to do. We never overcharge or over sell anything to our customers as we know trust is a huge thing in this industry.

Not only do we have great service but we back up everything we do with a workmanship warranty. It’s the best in the business. So after you get your furnace installation Maplewood system set up and something goes wrong just give us a call and we will be there to make sure it can be fixed again.

The DIY Buzz

Trying to do a furnace repair let alone a furnace replacement Maplewood by yourself can not only be very costly in the end but it can be dangerous. Furnace system use gas to run and have ignition lights and many complicated wires and tubing. If you don’t know what you are doing you can severely hurt yourself or ruin the furnace. Not only that but most furnace manufacturing companies require that you have a certified furnace replacement Maplewood technician install the furnace or their warranty is void.

Installation Wizards

Our furnace Installation Maplewood technicians can install a whole new system in your home the day after you call and in less than 4 hours. That’s very impressive knowing the detail and customization that is required to put together a new system. Service Today technicians get this confidence and work efficiency from their annual 200 hours of training that is required. Each employee knows that customer satisfaction is required with each transaction so they do their best to make sure each customer is 100% satisfied with the work they put into the furnace installation Maplewood process.