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Furnace Filter Minneapolis

New to Home Ownership

There’s lots of things you learn your first year of homeownership. Some things you learn fast, like mowing the lawn each week or it will grow over. Other things you will learn the hard way. Don’t let changing your furnace filter Minneapolis be one of those things. Changing your furnace filter regularly is the most important thing you can do to keep your furnace in good health. You want to keep your furnace in good health because an unhealthy furnace can cost thousands in repairs or replacements. That’s probably not the kind of money a new home owner has just laying around. One common misconception about furnace filters is how often you change them. Our furnace filter Minneapolis experts suggest that you don’t assume how often your furnace filter needs to be changed but instead check it monthly, if it looks dirty or damaged in any way change it. Changing the furnace filter Minneapolis products doesn’t only keep your air clean, but it also keeps your furnace working efficiently.

Service Today Furnace Filters

Let Service Today be your all around HVAC supply and service company. We can do a full home HVAC replacement, we can sell your furnace filters each month, and everything in between. Being your home’s HVAC company for all your furnace, AC, and air quality needs is our goal.

Replacing My Furnace Filter

Many Minneapolis homeowners don’t know how often to replace their furnace filters or which furnace filter Minneapolis products to use. This is a question Service Today answers all the time, but the answers aren’t always the same. First off when do you replace your furnace filter? We would recommend you replace your furnace filter Minneapolis product at the least every 3 months, but it all depends on which filter you are using and how much it is filtering each day. If you have a thicker filter it will catch more therefore need to be replaced more. If you have air allergies and pets you might want to change your furnace filter Minneapolis products even more. One process we go by is always have an extra filter on hand, and check your filter once a month, if it looks dirty and clogged replace it and if it doesn’t wait til next month and check again.

Now that you know when to change your filter what furnace filter Minneapolis should you use? There will be many options when you go to a regular store, some are good some are bad. You can read the label and see the features of each furnace filter Minneapolis product. Some filters are unique for your furnace, others specialize in allergy filtration, air with moisture, dust and pollen filters, or pet odor filtration.

The Consequences of not Changing your Filter

What happens if you don’t change your filter? Money loss! If you aren’t changing your furnace filter Minneapolis products regularly you are raising your utility bill because your furnace has to work harder if there’s a dirty filter.