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Furnace Filter Maplewood

What does a Furnace Filter Actually Do

This is a great question, for many customers if they understand how something works and why it exists it’s easier to keep it in good conditions. The furnace Filter Maplewood products clean the air that gets pushed through the air ducts. this seems like a pretty simple job but with every piece of debris and dirt that attaches to these furnace filter Maplewood products the furnace itself has to work so much harder.


That’s where furnace safety comes into play. If the furnace is required to work extra hard for the air to push through its going to get hotter and hotter. One way that furnaces can cause problems is by getting overheated and starting on fire. That is definitely not what we want from our furnace filter Maplewood products. To prevent the house fire a simple step any homeowner can do is to check your furnace filter Maplewood products monthly, if they look like there’s too much debris on them change them out. You will notice most furnace filters will give you an average of three months to leave them in, that;s a recommended guideline and can change depending on which filter you use and how your family lives. If you are doing a remodel in the home or you have pets you will probably be changing out your furnace filter Maplewood products more often than the average home.

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Service Today has been service the Maplewood community for decades for all your HVAC needs. We enjoy seeing homeowners take pride in their furnaces and change out the furnace filter Maplewood products regularly. Service Today has a set of trained and N.A.T.E certified technicians on call for any HVAC question or service you may need. Our technicians receive over 200 hours a training per year in our HVAC lab to make sure that they can walk into every situation with confidence. Even when it comes to the simple questions like How to install a new furnace Filter Maplewood project our technicians would be there to help you in no time.

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No matter what time the present is for you right now we know that emergencies happen at all times and there’s really nothing we can do about it. So why would we make you pay more just because it’s not 9-5. At Service Today we like to treat our customers like family, so if that means coming in on the off business hours we will do that, at no charge to you. Because you wouldn’t charge grandma to stop by on Sunday Morning to Look at her Furnace Filter Maplewood system.