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Outside Sales Comfort Advisor

Employment Position: Outside Sales Comfort Advisor

Outside Sales Comfort Advisor

Position: Outside Sales Comfort Advisor

Date Posted: May 20, 2015
Employment Type: Full Time
Industry: Sales
Location: South Saint Paul, MN

Service Today is on the hunt for an Outside Sales Comfort Advisor to join our team. If you’re trained, experienced and passionate about delivering nothing less than the best for customers, we’d love to hear from you! Below are details regarding this position:

Expectations/Job Duties/Requirements :


  • Ranging from 60-150k annually (DOQ and tenure)
  • Paid Time Off
  • Dental
  • Heathcare
  • Generous 401K
  • Paid Holidays (including your birthday
  • Paid Training

Expectations/Job Duties/Requirements:

  • Show up for every appointment 10 minutes early
  • Establish first name basis with homeowner
  • Do not leave pricing behind
  • Do not present present price unless both parties (if applicable) are present
  • Fill out ‘comfort survey’ 100% every time
  • Provide financing options to customers
  • Thank you cards sent on every call
  • Walk though preformed no more than 7 days after install
  • Walk through established in appointment book no later than initial install date
  • Follow the ‘Developing a Million Dollar Salesman’ guide completely.
  • Perform Heating & Cooling Load Calculations
  • Not have more than 2 customer complaints annually
  • Work Trade Shows at Marketing Director’s request
  • Report Daily numbers for ‘Tracking Purposes’ to Marketing Director Daily
  • Have Weekly Sales Performance Meeting with Marketing Director
  • Perform adequate and appropriate followup with both potential and existing customers when needed
  • Attend all company morning meetings (2/week)
  • Perform ‘ridealongs’ with General Manager atleast 1/month
  • Address all concerns/questions to Marketing Director whenever possible
  • Respect all employees working at Service Today Heating & Cooling
  • Adopt a ‘professional’ appearance
  • Adhere to all sale procedures
  • Adhere to all system pricing
  • Maintain Adequate $/Lead
  • Maintain Adequate Closing Percentage
Outside Sales Comfort Advisor

As we mentioned above, if you’re dedicated to delivering the best to customers, and you have the experience and training we require for this position, we would love to hear from you! Use the form below to start the application process. Thank you for your interest in being a part of the Service Today team!

Applying For:

Why do you want this particular job/want to work here?

Why do you think you are suitable for this job?

Give an example of when you have worked on a team project. What was the outcome and what was your role in the team?

Give an example of communicating complex or difficult information to individuals or groups.

Give an example of your ability to work to deadlines and how you cope with work pressure.

Give an example of how you have had to research or analyze complex information. What methods did you use and how did you present your findings?

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