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Indoor plumbing is one of the luxuries that we’ve come to expect in our modern age. In fact, water lines, drain lines, and sewer connections are so commonplace in our homes today that we pretty much don’t even think about them even though we use them every single day. At Service Today, we understand how frustrating life can become when your plumbing system does experience an issue, and how you need a fast and reliable fix that solves the problem for good. Our crew of experienced Eagan plumbers can come to you as soon as possible and solve the problem for good.

At Service Today, your satisfaction is our goal, and we don’t feel as though we’ve done our job until we’ve achieved it. When you trust your property to us, you can be confident you’ll receive the finest in modern plumbing service from technicians who regularly undergo extensive training and education in order to improve their abilities. Each member of our team comes to you outfitted with modern tools and a truck packed with the components and equipment to ensure the finest quality you’ll find anywhere. And we’re even available on your schedule, including offering 24/7 emergency availability for help with those urgent issues. This may seem like a lot, but we understand that’s exactly what you’re looking for as a customer. We’ve built a reputation for offering the best plumbing services and customer experience you’ll find anywhere, and our goal is to maintain that reputation.

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Drain Cleaning in Eagan

Drains will eventually back up and clog thanks to both solid and liquid waste that we task them with safely removing from our homes. Hair, soap scum, food waste, and plenty of other types of debris can and will eventually build up to the point where it restricts or even completely blocks water flow through a drain line. The result is a pesky clog that leaves unsightly waste and wastewater sitting in your collection basins like your tubs, sinks, showers, and toilets.

We remove all types of drain clogs, including:

  • Bathroom clogs
  • Kitchen clogs
  • Food waste clogs
  • Hair clogs
  • Waste clogs
  • Perimeter drain clogs
  • Utility sink clogs

At Service Today, we offer drain cleaning services that take care of the issue completely. Our methods are both safe and effective, and we make sure your clog is completely eliminated so there’s no chance of it returning again anytime soon. Plus we make sure your drain lines remain completely intact, meaning we use methods that don’t use chemicals that corrode your drain lines, resulting in even more damage.

Water Heater Services in Eagan

We’ve grown accustomed to having access to hot water with the turn of a tap, thanks to our water heater systems. However, water heaters are prone to issues, and eventually they will develop problems like leaks, corrosion, or uneven temperatures. At Service Today, we offer a full range of water heater repairs to ensure your hot water supply remains reliable and safe. From simple fixes for routine problems to complete replacements, we handle them all. We also service tankless water heaters so you can have your system repaired or get the maintenance you need to ensure your system is in good repair and will continue to service your property faithfully.

Eagan Water Softeners

Hard water is a common problem throughout the Eagan area, and Service Today has the solution! We offer water softener system installations and services so you can enjoy softer, great-tasting water. We help you choose the perfect solution for your home, and can complete the installation quickly and correctly so your water supply is dramatically improved.

Get help with your plumbing needs in the Eagan area! Contact Service Today for quality service, competitive prices, and a customer experience that’s unmatched anywhere else.