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Duct Cleaning St. Paul

Duct Cleaning St. Paul

Need Duct Cleaning in St. Paul?

Service Today Heating & Cooling has been providing the best air duct cleaning in St. Paul. Service Today knows that everyone has to deal with dirty air quality, so we became dedicated to making air duct cleaning in St. Paul as effortless as possible for our customers.

Air quality and general cleanliness in the workplace or at home is mandatory for a healthy and productive lifestyle. With each new job, our technicians make it their entire duty to ensure that your ducts are deep cleaned, no longer circulating unwanted germs, bacteria, dust or debris.

In any building, whether residential or industrial, particles collect in the air ducts. This can include sawdust, plastic, chemicals, metals, paper, wood and more. This can create the obvious problem of unhealthy air conditions and have even been linked to allergies. This buildup can also cause ducts to actually collapse under the weight.

In only one year the ducts in a typical 3 bedroom, 2 bath home can contain 30 to 40 pounds of dust, dander, pet hair, and other contaminants. When the HVAC system is being run, these contaminants re-circulate through the home. Poor quality indoor air could contribute to health issues in those with respiratory conditions or autoimmune disorders.

It is important to have your air ducts regularly cleaned. Doing so can provides healthier, cleaner air and overall a better work or home environment. Service Today works hard to give you among the finest and most thorough air duct cleaning St. Paul has to offer.

Viper Whip Duct Cleaning

The Viper Whip cleaning system is one of the most advanced tools available to air duct cleaning. It has two functions: to dislodge any contaminants and dust within your system and air wash these materials out of the home. Because of this combination, our professional technicians are able to clean vents more efficiently. Unlike most rotary brushes, it is flexible in design and can reach all contaminants in any air duct angles or elbows. Able to clean in one pass, the Viper Whip’s 360-degree rotation dislodges any dirt, dust, pollen, and allergens from your system.

These contaminants are forced from your vents to your trunk line, which acts as the main line of your duct work. Attached to your trunk line is a large, high powered vacuum that runs at 20 horsepower to remove all dirt and debris from your home. The vacuum remains on the outside of the home along with the collection bag to ensure that there is no re-contamination of the system.

Stop breathing dirty contaminated air today.
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Duct Cleaning St. Paul

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