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Duct Cleaning in Maplewood, MN

Duct cleaning in your Maplewood home offers a number of benefits. The most important benefit of duct cleaning is that it improves the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning systems. The ductwork is designed with a very specific volume of air in mind, even a small amount of dust can hurt its efficiency.

Duct cleaning performed on a regular basis can improve the efficiency of your heating and air conditioning systems by between 15 and 30%. Additionally, duct cleaning improves the air quality in your home – because the dust building up in your ductwork will settle between seasons, and because moisture and other contaminants can settle as well in that dust, air quality can become a major issue if you do not have your ducts cleaned.

During the cleaning process, we will not only check for dirt and debris in the ductwork, but we will also check for possible leaks and breaks that can be repaired to improve efficiency of your entire heating and air conditioning system.

Air Duct Cleaning Process in Maplewood, MN

Duct cleaning in Maplewood can be performed relatively quickly in a single day. If you’re ready to have your ductwork cleaned or would like to have us visit your home and perform a routine inspection, give us a call today. We will set up a time to visit your home and check your ductwork for any possible problems.