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Dehumidifier Brooklyn Park

Dehumidifier Brooklyn Park

Why You Need a Dehumidifier!

It’s during these blistering hot and humid Minnesota summers that you really understand the nuisance humidity can be.  Too much humidity can cause a whole slew of problems in your home.  It can damage all the paint jobs and warp all the wood in your home.  This doesn’t even take into consideration those all too familiar muggy feelings you experience.  This is especially bad when you are trying to sleep.  I think we have all experienced a hot summer night, when it was just too darn humid out to fall into a deep sleep, tossing and turning, and lying awake all night wishing you were cool.  The worst part is, you can have an air conditioner system installed into your home, and still experience uncomfortable humidity levels.  And that is precisely where you would want to consider a whole home dehumidification system.  Yes, air conditioners take some of the humidity out of the air simply by cooling down your home, but an air conditioner doesn’t remove all of the humidity, and that’s why these kinds of systems can be so beneficial.  Our dehumidifier Brooklyn Park technicians do a great job illustrating the benefits that these systems can provide to you and your family.

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Dehumidifier Brooklyn Park

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How much does it cost to operate a dehumidifier? - Brooklyn Park

How much does it cost to operate a dehumidifier?

One of the most popular questions concerning whole home dehumidification systems, is that of cost.  How much does it actually cost to operate a system?  This is a good question.  But to answer this, we need to actually look at the specific unit you are purchasing for your home.  But here is good news all around.  Most dehumidification systems do not need a whole lot of power to function, and your electricity bill will not increase dramatically in the elast.  Prior to purchasing a unit for your Brooklyn Park home, you can ask one of our trained and knowledgeable dehumidifier Brooklyn Park installers about any questions relating to a cost analysis.  And after they put your mind at ease, knowing that the electricity bill won’t increase much makes it a lot easier to justify purchasing a new whole home dehumidifier for your house.  and your electricity rate.

But getting down to the specifics of the cost itself.  Our dehumidifier Brooklyn Park technicians have done all the work for you.  Out of the 50 dehumidifiers installed into oru customer’s homes, the cost per month to operate the dehumidifier itself ranged from $5 to $30 dollars in electricity costs.  A helpful hint when purchasing a unit is looking for the energy star rated appliance associated with each product.  If they do have this certification, then you can be rest assured that he unit operated with the highest levels of energy efficiency standards on the market.

Are There Other Ways to Limit Moisture in the Home? - Brooklyn Park

Are There Other Ways to Limit Moisture in the Home?

At Service Today Heating & Cooling, our dehumidifier Brooklyn Park technicians understand that you may not be financially prepared to make the investment, but still need a guiding hand to help limit moisture levels in your home, at least until you have the financial means to install a whole home deamidation system.  We get it, so we have listed a few helpful tips to control humidity levels, things you can do that don’t rely upon a dehumidifier.

Yes, dehumidifiers are probably the best way to reduce moisture levels in your Brooklyn Park home, but there are also other great solutions for removing excess moisture from your home’s atmospheric environment.  First, if there are any leaks or kinds of seepage in or around your home, those need to be repaired right away.  These include faulty pipes and clogged gutters. Another thing you can do is ensure that exhaust hoses on appliances like dryers are correctly routed to exhaust any kind of warm air directly outside of your home.  And other thing you can implement into your home rather cheaply is exhaust fans.  Implementing these in areas such as your kitchen or bathroom, quickly remove excess moisture right from the source.  Also, if your home has an existing central air conditioning system, install an air conditioner vent right near the problem area.  This will take advantage of your air conditioner’s dehumidifying capabilities. And perhaps the easiest and most effective thing you can do is simply airing out your home periodically. Of course you want to do this on a day that the natural humidity levels outside are rather low, but this will provide an exchange of fresh air and will help lower the existing humidity levels lingering inside your home itself.  Overall, if you even introduce one or two of these helpful tips in your home, you have the ability to lower the humidity level a lot.  We recommend getting one of our skilled dehumidifier Brooklyn Park technicians out to your home to assess your humidity problems before you start implementing any kind of solution.  You may find out that you problem is an easy fix.   Call our office today.  We promise we will deliver the most exceptional service you can possibly receive by an HVAC company.  Our customer service is fantastic, and our skilled technicians will ensure you are going to get the best possible job done.

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