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Dehumidifier Bloomington

Dehumidifier Bloomington

How Do Dehumidifiers Work?

Dehumidification systems are amazing.  But if you are considering purchasing one, you need to make sure you hire a dehumidifier Bloomington certified company that truly knows what they are doing!  If you get a company that will instal a dehumidifier correctly, these systems  remove all the excess moisture that has accumulated inside your Bloomington home.  But how do these systems work exactly?  This is a great question.  To answer this, we want you to imagine a dry, sun bleached desert.  This environment has little moisture in the air because there is enough heat to dry it all up (couple with the fact that there are little sources of water to begin with).  The same concept applies to dehumidifiers.  With dehumidification systems, the process is slightly different though.  These systems have in them components that actually heat up the air to a level that evaporate a lot of the moisture inside the home.  They are incorporated into your air conditioner unit itself.  After your unit has cooled the air, taking out a lot of the moisture already, the dehumidification system, then heats up the air to dry it out further, and recycles the air through the air conditioner once more.  Its really quite amazing how accurate these system can be as well.  If you have your system synced up to your thermostat, you can regulate, down to the exact percentage, how much moisture is inside your home.



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Dehumidifier Bloomington

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What are the Benefits of a Dehumidifier? - Bloomington

What are the Benefits of a Dehumidifier?

We live in Minnesota.  We have all experienced, hot humid, muggy, days where it is almost hard to breath outside.  Our dehumidifier Bloomington technician have, and so have you.  Those day we are especially grateful for air conditioners.  But those very days also make it hard for the air conditioner to remove the moisture in the air itself.  You might feel cooler, but there is still a lot of moisture inside your Bloomington home.  We put these system inside our homes for various reason.  Comfort is the most obvious, but there are other as well.  Humidity can affect all the woodworking inside your home, and it can also negatively impact all the paint inside your home as well.  Just think about all the wood and paint that your Bloomington home has?  How much would it cost to refinish all of those wood floors or repaint all of those walls again? Probably more than a dehumidifier would cost, that’s for sure.

Another big benefit for a dehumidifier is that of savings!   Did you know that by dehumidifying the air inside your home, you are actually able to set your thermostat a few degrees warmer and achieve the same desired comfort level?  That’s because dehumidified air feels cooler.  So, instead of setting your thermostat to 69 degrees with a humidity level of 45%, you are now able to set your thermostat to a temperature of 74 degrees, because your humidity level in your home has decreased down to 14%. This actually saves you money on your energy bills!

The Importance of a Perfect Dehumidifier Installation - Bloomington

The Importance of a Perfect Dehumidifier Installation

If you do not hire a trained and experienced dehumidifier Bloomington company to install your dehumidifier, you are guaranteed problems in the future.  Because these systems interact with both the thermostat and the air conditioner, there are many different technical components involved in a successful installation.  If you select a company that has limited experience in this field, you are bound to receive an install that will likely damage both the dehumidifier and the air conditioner.

At Service Today Heating & Cooling, we only hire the most trained and skilled dehumidifier Bloomington installers to execute your project.  We guarantee that the installation process will go smoothly, and that your entire heating and cooling system with flawlessly interact with your new dehumidifier.  We have done thousands of dehumidification installs since we have opened our doors, and we are very proud of this fact.  Not only have we delivered comfort to countess amounts of Bloomington homes, but we have also ensured that their units were safely operating.

We strongly encourage you to hire Service Today Heating & Cooling for your dehumidification project.  We will come out to your home, give you a free estimate, provide you with multiple options for the project based on your budget, what your home needs, and what you and your family need, and we customize options specifically tailored for your situation.  Our dehumidifier Bloomington staff takes the headache out of the whole buying process, and leave you feeling dry and cool after we leave.  Call us today!

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