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How to Choose The Right AC Company

Over here at Service Today! we wanted to make the process of choosing the right air conditioning team to extremely easy. You can look at reviews, you can ask your friends and family members, you can go to company directories, and all will tell you that our company is one of the best in the Minnesota. We are honest, fairly priced, and we take the time to educate you when it comes to your cooling system. Our customer service is amazing, and we employ only the most knowledgeable Cottage Grove air conditioning certified technicians. This aspect is what we are proud of more than anything else. Call us, and you can experience the difference first hand.

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Quality Air Conditoning Repairs in Cottage Grove

Do you need AC repair in Cottage Grove? Let’s run the numbers for a second. There are literally hundreds of reasons why your air home’s conditioning unit breaks down, but more than 75% of these causes can actually be prevented with the proper air conditioning maintenance. Another staggering number is that your air conditioning unit will break down once every 4 years. And an average air repair costs homeowners roughly $350. The average lifespan of an air conditioner is 16 years. So, what do all these numbers mean exactly?

Well, if you total all of these numbers up, this means your air conditioning unit will break down at least 4 times over the course of its life, and the average number of dollars spent to get your air conditioning unit fixed will total $1,400.00. That is a lot of money! Did you budget that much money into your purchase? What would happen if you had the proper maintenance performed on your air conditioning unit annually? Well, if 75% of breakdowns could have been prevented, you can take those 4 breakdowns, and reduce them down to just one! That means more money in your pocket. We encourage you to call our friendly Cottage Grove AC repair certified staff to help you prevent these costly breakdowns.

Why Invest in Regular AC Maintenance?

It is an unfortunate truth that most people do not do the necessary preventive maintenance needed on a yearly basis. We have racked our brains over this conundrum for years and years. Why is it people don’t take care of their cooling system? Why is it people only tune up their air conditioner once every five years? After years of asking ourselves this question, we believe we have finally come up with the answer, and it is this… People do not know they need it! That is why we are trying to inform every Cottage Grove homeowners of its importance.

But lets take a step back. What does this really mean? Well, that means our industry has done a poor job illustrating the need for an air conditioner tune up in general. If people really knew the benefits of tuning up their air conditioner every year, we think homeowners would be much more inclined to do the work. But that’s just the thing. Most homeowners just don’t know the benefits themselves. And the list is long indeed! This is precisely why our Cottage Grove AC maintenance technicians educate every homeowners about the importance of a tune up. It’s our hope over here at Service Today Heating & Cooling to get the word out, because man o’ man, if people really knew the truth, there minds would change in a heartbeat.

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