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Compressor Eden Prairie

Compressor Eden Prairie

What is a Compressor?

The air conditioner compressor is the heart of your Eden Prairie home’s cooling system. It is the component that actually helps cool down your home.  It is also the most commonly misdiagnosed component in the system.  If you hire an inexperienced company, or a company that doesn’t have the most highly trained technicians on staff, you may be told that your compressor is bad, when in fact, that isn’t the case at all.   If you can avoid replacing the compressor, you can avoid having to spend a whole lot of money on unnecessary repairs.  And to avoid this fiasco, we have compressor Eden Prairie certified technicians that actually know what to look for.  We don’t waste your time, and we don’t waste ours.

At Service Today Heating & Cooling, we have found that at least one third of the time that the unit is said to have a “bad compressor”, the compressor is in fact not the problem at all.  This number is huge!  You can begin to imagine how many times a day companies misdiagnose air conditioner problems.  And a misdiagnosis, means you need to have another company come out and actually fix the right problem, that means more money out of your pocket, and more time wasted waiting around for your Eden Prairie home’s cooling system to work agian.

Think about this….The typical air conditioning service call costs over $100.  But, if you can avoid having multiple service call out to your home, you can avoid wasting your hard earned money.  When you hire Service Today Heating & Cooling for the job, our expert compressor Eden Prairie technicians will diagnose the problem in a few short minutes, and get your system fixed up and running in no time.

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Compressor Eden Prairie

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Is My Compressor Bad? - Eden Prairie

Is My Compressor Bad?

Before you jump to conclusions, and before you take what the first company said to heart, especially if it has to do with the compressor in your air conditioner, call us out to your home, and we will give you a second opinion.  Many times, we can find the real issue that is causing your air conditioner to malfunction, a solution that is much cheaper, rather than you having to spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on a new compressor.

But there are also times, when your compressor is indeed the cause of the air conditioner failure.  When this happens, especially if the unit in your Eden Prairie home is no longer under warranty and the estimated cost of replacing the compressor is over half the price of a new unit, replacing the entire system is the most economical solution.

If this is the case, our trained compressor Eden Prairie technicians  do an excellent job simply listening to your needs.  We like to assess what you, your family, and your home actually need, and we also like to pinpoint the most realistic budget you have to work with.  After evaluating all of these things, we then give you multiple options.  We do this because we like to have our customers be the ones who ultimately decide what kind of unit is going into their home.  Our job is to inform you, and give you all the information you need to make an educated purchase.  After that, the ball is in your court.  We have found that our clients really appreciate this approach.  It is a no pressure, no ultimatum situation, that is rarely found in our industry.

What’s Really Important - Eden Prairie

What’s Really Important

At the end of the day, the most important thing to us, and the most important thing for you, is simply making the best decision possible.  Every situation calls for something different.  When formulating a game plan, you and our trained compressor Eden Prairie technicians sit down and come up with the best possible solution.  It’s so important to make you happy.  This is the driving force of our company.

If you aren’t satisfied, if you have buyer’s remorse, or if you feel you were not informed properly, we didn’t do our jobs.  That’s why we have a 100% satisfaction Guarantee we stand by wholeheartedly.  This holds us accountable.  And this guarantee we don’t take lightly.  We really want you to take advantage of this.  If you are not satisfied, we will do everything in our power to rectify the situation, and if we still cannot come up with an amicable solution, we will refund your purchase.

But this rarely, if ever, happens.  And that’s because each and every staff member employed at Service Today tires to view the situation from the customer’s perspective.  Id doing this, we understand how to best serve you.  We treat you with respect, and we are honest with you.  So, call our compressor Eden Prairie certified company today.  Regardless if you need a new compressor, just need it fixed up, or you just want a professional to come out and evaluate your system as a whole, we have the experts standing by to assist you.  Our Comfort Squad is renowned for ensuring you have a wonderful experience, from that very first phone call and continuing down years and years in the future.  If our technician works on your system, you will notice the difference!

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