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Water Softeners Installed, Repaired, and Replaced in Columbia Heights, MN

Hard water can be extremely damaging to residential plumbing systems. Fortunately, Service Today can help protect your pipes, drains, and septic system by installing a water softener. In addition to installation services, we can provide water softener replacement, repair, and maintenance to ensure your plumbing system continues to be protected. Hard water minerals can build up in fixtures, appliances, and pipes, leading to blockages and potentially major damage if left unchecked.

Water Softener System Installation in Columbia Heights, MN

Many people experience hard water at home or in the office but avoid water softeners due to the expense. Since 2005, Service Today has been recommending and installing water softening systems. By assessing your needs and providing the most suitable system, we can ensure your investment is most worthwhile. Service Today is trusted for water softener installation near you in Columbia Heights for different types of systems. Those we install include automatic water softeners, which work at the same time every day. We also provide demand initiated regeneration systems, which respond to changes in demand on a day-to-day basis.

Water Softener Replacement in Columbia Heights, MN

Replacing a water softener can be a complicated project. If you don’t know how to deal with computerized equipment and electricity, it can be quite tricky and even dangerous. However, the technicians at Service Today are trained and experienced to replace your system quickly and safely. In some instances, we can replace a filter or perform water softener head replacement without changing out the whole system. Our team will first do a full inspection to determine the best solution. This will ensure you get the service you need and that your pipes and drains are fully protected.

Water Softener Maintenance in Columbia Heights, MN

Residential water softeners do a lot of hard work and require routine maintenance. It’s a known fact that maintenance can reduce the amount of repairs needed and increase system longevity. There are many maintenance tasks that require the work of a professional. At Service Today, our experts can find issues with water softener connectors and replace or tighten them. A water softener injector cleaning can allow your system to work more efficiently and even avoid future problems. We provide high-quality services to make sure your home is safe, healthy, and has a well-maintained, clean plumbing system.

Water Softener Repair in Columbia Heights, MN

We offer all types of water softener repair services in Columbia Heights, so that residential plumbing systems remain protected against the effects of hard water. Our team is extensively trained in the latest tools and repair methods. They also get the job done right the first time. No job is finished until we know you are happy. We use high-quality parts, so repairs can often last several years, and leave your home clean when finished. While quick repairs get your system working again without trouble, they can also prevent bigger, more expensive issues in the future.

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