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Drain and Sewer Line Service in Chanhassen, MN

Known throughout the Twin Cities area for professional plumbing services, Service Today guarantees 100% customer satisfaction and can fix any problem right the first time. We are prompt, reliable, and respectful. In addition to ensuring you are happy, our team goes the distance to make certain your home remains clean throughout the process. We’ve been providing drain and sewer repair, installation, and maintenance since 2005. Plus, we warranty all installation work and supplied parts for a year. The goal is to eliminate drainage and sewer issues permanently to ensure they do not disrupt your life. Schedule drain and plumbing service by calling (888)-998-2032 today.

Installation Services

Residential customers in Chanhassen, MN, rely on Service Today for the complex job of installing sewer lines and improving drainage. Our technicians are licensed and insured to install all types of systems and components. We even map out your drains and sewer lines for more precise service and to ensure the best results. Available 24/7, our sewer and drain repair specialists can help in an emergency to minimize damage and get your sewers and drains working again. We also offer solutions to improve waste water flow. Our team is experienced with installing drain traps in all types of settings. To schedule installation, call Service Today at (888)-998-2032.

Drain/Sewer Maintenance in Chanhassen, MN

Clogs, slow drains, backups, and leaks eventually happen with any plumbing system. Your sewer and drain lines work hard constantly. But Service Today offers drain and sewer cleaning services to resolve annoying issues. We can inspect drain/sewer lines with video cameras, which let us identify the location and nature of the problem. Water jetting is an option that lets us clear pipes and protect your plumbing. But we can also advise you on regular maintenance tasks for in-between professional service and inspections. Maintenance helps reduce the number of repairs needed on your drainage system and sewer hookup. Call (888)-998-2032 to schedule maintenance with Service Today.

Drain and Sewer Repair

Our staff is friendly and professional, but that only scratches the surface in what they can do. For hundreds of customers in and around Chanhassen, MN, we’ve provided fast solutions to sewer and drainage problems. No matter how big or small, we fix any issue right the first time and avoid the inconvenience and more severe, expensive damage later. Service Today can perform one-stop fixes because we carry all the parts and tools needed for any job. Our technicians arrive fully equipped. Their aim is to be fast, effective, and minimize any inconvenience to you or your family. If you’re in need of drain or sewer repair, call (888)-998-2032 today.

Water Jetting Services in Chanhassen, MN

Water jetting is an effective preventative maintenance strategy for residential plumbing. We specialize in water jetting plumbing systems in the Chanhassen, MN, area so you’re not bothered by slow or clogged drains. Waste water overflows can be a mess and health hazard, not to mention cause significant damage. Fortunately, our water jetting equipment clears drains and pipes with just water and pressure. No toxic chemicals or solvents are used. The process breaks up clogs and helps maintain your plumbing by preventing the accumulation of debris. Schedule water jetting near you or sump pump, drain line, pipe, or grease trap cleaning, installation, or repair by calling (888)-998-2032 today.