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Hot Water Heater Service in Champlin, MN

Water heaters are used in Champlin, MN, homes and businesses throughout the day. People often take them for granted, until something goes wrong. If a water heater fails, it’s impossible to stay clean, cook, or wash clothes or dishes. In fact, life can become downright miserable without one. Fortunately, Service Today is equipped and staffed to address all hot water heater needs. We also cover installation and parts with a one-year warranty. Our licensed technicians can install, repair, or replace a gas or electric hot water heater in Champlin, MN while service and parts are covered for the next 12 months. Call (888)-998-2032 to schedule water heater repair, installation, or maintenance today.

Hot Water Heater Installation Services

Customers in Champlin, MN, and nearby communities rely on Service Today for help choosing the best water heater for their property. We offer numerous options and our licensed, bonded, and insured professionals will install your system with all traditional or gas or electric tankless water heater installation requirements in mind. Our team can also address other matters related to your water supply. That includes providing water softening systems and devices that purify your drinking water. And if you suspect a problem, we can use the latest water leak detection methods to find and fix elusive problems. To get started, call (888)-998-2032 and set up an appointment with our team.

Water Heater Replacement Near Champlin, MN

Our team has been servicing hot water heaters in Champlin, MN, since 2005. When water heater replacement is needed, we’ll help choose the right type and size for your home or business. Replacement is often the best solution to avoiding high repair costs and reducing the amount of water you use and pay for. We supply many high-efficiency models that you can benefit from. Using the latest techniques, we quickly install your water heater and make any necessary adjustments or updates to your plumbing to ensure it is safe to use. Call Service Today at (888)-998-2032 to schedule a consultation or water heater replacement appointment. 

Hot Water Heater Maintenance Professionals

A well-maintained water heater can last for many more years than one that is neglected. Service Today’s professionals know how to keep your hot water heater in good shape and find and fix small problems so future breakdowns are avoided. Our technicians carry many parts and tools, so can fix any water heater, from any manufacturer, on the spot. To request maintenance for your water heater, call (888)-998-2032 today.

Water Heater Repair in Champlin, MN

Whether you need water heater repair parts, drain cleaning, or other plumbing service, you can trust Service Today to get it done right the first time. Our mission is to keep your environment safe and comfortable.  Using high-quality parts and the latest repair methods and technologies, we can focus on long-term water heater care, which reduces operating expenses and improves reliability throughout its service life.

To set up a water heater repair service appointment, call Service Today at (888)-998-2032.